Question 1

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Question 1 by Mind Map: Question 1

1. Theseus

1.1. The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal

2. Ruin the economy

2.1. Factories will have to close down

2.2. Workers will lose their jobs and become unemployed

2.3. Cigarettes dealers and retailers will lose great amount of money

3. Introduction paragraph

3.1. Trend

4. Closing Paragraph

4.1. ~Restate the theseus~

4.2. Conclude the essay

5. It's harmful to health

5.1. Releases Carbon monoxide

5.2. Suspended particulates

5.3. Nicotine

6. Such pollutants can cause

6.1. Lung Cancer

6.2. Asthma

6.3. Heart disease

7. Prevent teenagers from smoking

7.1. Avoid them getting into addiction

7.2. Avoid future smoking abuse

8. Reduce pollutants emmitted from smoking

8.1. Cleaner air makes a cleaner city

8.2. Provides a better living environment for the citizens

8.3. Reduce the chance of passive smoking