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HEXAI by Mind Map: HEXAI

1. Game Ideas

1.1. Simulation Game

1.2. Player-Controlled Evolution

1.2.1. Ability Tree

1.2.2. Stat Tweaking

1.2.3. Evo Points

1.3. Hex-Grid

1.4. Turn-Based

1.5. XAIs

1.5.1. Adaptive AI

1.5.2. Roam Grid

1.5.3. Survival Requirements

1.5.4. Environment View Options

1.5.5. Limited Current Tasks

1.5.6. Limited Current Knowledge

1.5.7. "Instincts" to override current Task

1.5.8. Current Actions Prioritized

1.5.9. Possibility for "group" creatures

2. XAI process

2.1. -1. Update Stats (Hunger, etc)

2.2. 0. Inputs[] -> Knowledge[] (prioritized)

2.3. 1. Update Actions

2.3.1. Use AI Table (a la TF2, et al)

2.3.2. Action Sequences May not Finish Completely (higher priority possibilities, such as Instincts)

2.3.3. Priorities (Highest) Instincts Survival Required Tasks Preferred Tasks Optional Tasks (Lowest) Simple Emotes

2.4. 2. Perform Action[]s (Each can be done in one turn)

3. In-game Representations

3.1. Player should see what their creature(s) see/hear/sense

3.1.1. Communication as Symbols w/ connecting Lines?

3.1.2. Vision as Drawn Regions (hidden areas darken)

3.1.3. Remembered Areas as faded to black.

3.2. Small Hexagonal Grids with creatures occupying one-or-more of them (based on size/shape)

3.3. Player should see what their creature(s) intend to do next

3.4. Players should see all their creature's Stats

3.5. Players should see what their creatures Know

3.6. Players should see "juicy" responses by their creature