IKIGAI- The Secret of Okinawans

Key-takeaways from the beautiful Book, IKIGAI- The Japanese Secret to a long and healthy Life.

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IKIGAI- The Secret of Okinawans by Mind Map: IKIGAI- The Secret of Okinawans

1. Meaning

1.1. Reason for being

1.2. Purpose in Life

1.3. Sense of Satisfaction

1.4. Happiness,

1.5. Serenity

2. About the Book

2.1. Secrets of OKINAWANS

2.1.1. Enviable level of Enthusiasm dance at 80 drive at 90

2.1.2. Fewer Chronic Ailments

2.1.3. Less rate of Dementia

2.1.4. Active until the end of their end of life

2.2. Objective

2.2.1. Interviews of the Okinawans

2.2.2. Insights of their Life Philosophy

2.2.3. Understand the IKIGAI

2.2.4. Help the readers find their IKIGAI in life

2.2.5. Help the readers live a Healthy and Long Life

2.3. Authors


3. 5 Takeaways

3.1. 1. The Miracle Diet

3.1.1. Rarely consume Sugar

3.1.2. Food rich in Antioxidants

3.1.3. Variety of Vegetables, fruits and grains Less Meat Avoid Dessert All food is served at once

3.2. 2. Keep Moving

3.2.1. Never Retire

3.2.2. Gardening

3.2.3. Walking

3.2.4. Yoga

3.2.5. Radio Taiso

3.3. 3. FLOW

3.3.1. 🔑 to find your IKIGAI

3.3.2. One thing at a time

3.3.3. Perseverance & Consistency

3.3.4. Flow Sparks Joy in Life Autotellic Personality Clarity in Goal Setting High Interest in Life Being in the Present Moment

3.3.5. TED TALK by the Founder TED Talk – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – Flow – 2004 Living in flow - the secret of happiness with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi at Happiness & Its Causes 2014

3.4. 4. Power of Yoga & Meditation

3.4.1. ichi-go-iche-e

3.4.2. Part of their daily rituals

3.4.3. Combination of Physical exercise and awareness of Breath

3.4.4. Conscious Living

3.4.5. Staying Equanimous

3.4.6. Acceptance of the "IS"

3.4.7. Live an Unhurried Life

3.5. 5. Beyond Resilience

3.5.1. Antifragile Having IKIGAI aids resilience Focussed on Goals during challenges

3.5.2. Antifragile- Things that gain from Disorder Getting better with every blow Setbacks are an opportunity for growth

3.5.3. How to become Antifragile? Having more choices Side-Hustle Good Relationship Pursue a Hobby Taking Calculated Risk Community Engagements Wider Circle Remove things that make you fragile Habits People Relationships Debts Fear Old Memories Embrace the imperfectness Wabi-Sabi Embrace the Uncertainties of Life Accept the randomness Every moment is a possibility