My Own Place

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My Own Place by Mind Map: My Own Place

1. Exam

1.1. Case Study

1.1.1. Teaching resource

1.1.2. Revision tool

1.2. General Questions

1.2.1. 2009, Q4

1.2.2. 2011, Q3

2. Suggested Activites

2.1. Visit In

2.1.1. Entrepreneur

2.1.2. Local Voluntary Organisation

2.1.3. Local Community Enterprise

2.2. Visit out

2.2.1. Entrepreneur

2.2.2. Local Business

2.2.3. Voluntary Organisation

2.2.4. Community Enterprise

2.3. Survey of the local area

2.4. ICT - create a website of the local area

2.5. SWOT Analysis

2.5.1. Local entrepreneur

2.5.2. Business/community organisation

2.5.3. Area

3. Specific Learning Outcomes

3.1. 1.1 Identify the main sources of employment in the local area

3.2. 1.2 Identify the main social services and job creation agencies in the local area

3.3. 1.3 Identify the main agencies that provide transport in the local area

3.4. 1.4 Identify the main financial institutions servicing the needs of the local area

3.5. 1.5 Identify the main agencies involved in industrial relations in the local area

3.6. 1.6 Idenfify the principal economic activities in the local area

3.7. 1.7 Evaluate the potential for tourism in the local area

3.8. 2.1 Identify a range of enterprises in the local community

3.9. 3.1 Identify the voluntary bodies that carry out community work in the locality

4. Possible Portfolio Items

4.1. My Own Place Optional Report

4.2. Summary Report on My Own Place