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Freedom Writers by Mind Map: Freedom Writers


1.1. (1)Why are the students filled with such anger at the beginning of the movie? Do you think their anger is reasonable?

1.1.1. They are anger because at the beginning they don't know the teacher are and how she are.

1.2. (2) Why are the students so unwilling to associate with anyone outside their ethnic/racial groups? Where does this intolerance come from?

1.2.1. Because they are all ways rejected by other people for different religions/ and they try to protect them from that.

1.3. (3) Why aren’t Ms. Gruwell’s students motivated to succeed in school? What outside factors affect their ability to learn?

1.3.1. The students of Ms. Gruwell's aren't motived to succed in school because they tryed to survive.

1.4. (4)Why do some of Ms. Gruwell’s students believe they won’t live past age 18?

1.4.1. Because they don't know they can win their live like the richer ones.

1.5. (5) What would you do to break the ethnic and racial barriers in Mrs. Gruwell’s classroom?

1.5.1. I will try to put them in the same environment at they live at home. And I will try to explain to them whats the world are in facts.


2.1. (1)Why does Ms. Gruwell’s students hate and resent her at first?

2.1.1. Because of they living middle, they have to know the person to respect it.

2.2. (2)Most of the teachers at Wilson High do not dress in formal attire. Why do you think Ms. Gruwell chooses to wear business suits and pearls to class? What impression does this make? How do clothes, accessories, and make-up affect how other’s perceive you?

2.2.1. For the students think that she's a nice person, strict, and the students have to respect them.

2.3. (3) How does Ms. Gruwell's upbringing, appearance, and attitude contrast with those of her students? She wanted to be cool to be more near to the students.

2.3.1. Answer

2.4. (4) Why did Erin Gruwell (Ms. G) decide to teach instead of being a lawyer?

2.4.1. Answer

2.5. (5) Describe Ms. G.s husband. What is his attitude towards her teaching career? He's a stupid architect that don't want to help Ms. G. to teach the students that have a difficult life.

2.5.1. Answer


3.1. (6)What does Ms. G do when she finds the picture of Jamal? What historical event does she bring up?

3.1.1. Answer

3.2. (7)Why is this event relative to her students?

3.2.1. Answer

3.3. (8)Miep Gies, the woman who hid Anne Frank, is a hero to Ms. Gruwell’s students. What does Miep Gies mean when she tells Ms. Gruwell’s students, “You are heroes everyday.”?

3.3.1. Miep Gies had to help Anne and she said “You're heroes everyday.” to the class because they can do lots of thinking beatyfull like a hero

3.4. (9) Why is Eva so affected by the ending of Anne Frank’s diary?

3.4.1. Answer


4.1. (1)What is Eva’s (the Hispanic girl) view of herself and her “people”?

4.1.1. She view her in other people because she view the other people fighting themselves for their survive

4.2. (2)What does the scene with the Cambodian girl and Eva show? What does it convey? What is the message?

4.2.1. She was showing how she strenght but in her heart she was the most weak one in her live

4.3. (3)Why does Eva “hate white people”?

4.3.1. Because she was always rejected by white people and she want to be respected and appreciated

4.4. (4)According to Eva, why was her father arrested?

4.4.1. Because he doe's something bad but that was for a good reson

4.5. (5) What makes Eva choose to go against her people” in the courtroom? Do you think this was a good decision? How do her family and friends react?

4.5.1. Answer


5.1. (6)Think about your own school or out-of-school activities. Are youth respectful of each other’s differences? Are there problems similar to those in Wilson High? If so, what steps can you take to initiate change?

5.1.1. At my school we have money but in Wilson High, they have no support. Thats why they have bad grade.

5.2. (7) Ms. Gruwell is the first teacher to show trust and respect for the “at risk” students at Wilson High. How does Erin Gruwell demonstrate this? Why are some students more resistant to trusting each other?

5.2.1. Erin Gruwell was the first teacher to buy resources from her own pocket and computer to make their Journal a book.

5.3. (8) Why is trust such an important component of a teacher-student relationship?

5.3.1. Beacause the teacher was someone who help to build student's personality.

5.4. (9)How do the classmates learn to trust one another? How does reading and writing initiate this change?

5.4.1. She do activities to know how they are. Also she give to them a diary for express them self in a book.

5.5. (10)How are relationships healthier when the individuals involved have mutual respect?

5.5.1. Yes, Because we can exchange our acknowledge with other people