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IntAct NAR 2010 by Mind Map: IntAct NAR 2010
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IntAct NAR 2010

Future Development

new MITAB format

more features to the web site

MyIntAct, notify me when new data is released

Molecule set search

Other ?

new curation tool

IMEx exchange

Abstract (200 words max)


data growth and need to cope with it

why did we need a new web site

Limitation of the old web site, performance

better UI for users

addressing emerging user needs

from ppi interaction database to molecular interaction database


intact community



aims to do weekly releases

New web site

find a dataset to use as example


binary interaction representation

evidence based browsing

tab oriented web site


MIQL, refer to PSICQUIC paper

ontology support, which ontologies, suggestions

compound substructure search

advanced field search (uniprot like)

interaction table

configure the view

filter spoke expanded interactions

more export formats, refer to XML and TAB APIs


opening the detailed view

interaction details

overall description

how to find similar interactions


By ontology, GO, Chebi

By molecule type


By Uniprot Taxonomy

List view

molecule involved by type


molecule view (Dasty2)


Simple view (HV)

cytoscape integration





data stats

breakdown protein/SM if MSD/DrugBank imported


data submission

how to get in touch ?

privacy statement

Other ideas

PSI-MI XML 1.0 to be retired

tabular data

Data model supports confidence

Local Installation

point to the local install page

page does not exist though

local install

can support small scale

can support large production grade

technical requirements, RDBMS, web server, web site, solr


check if dataset are in the advanced search

add dataset description page

list of clickable dataset

add curated complex page

Add documentation on how to setup Solr

Add code sample illustrating how to use intact-core 2.0.x

import DrugBank

import MSD data

release artifacts at Google Code



intact-kickstart, source with deps, source without deps

Did you know ?

programatic access to intact

intaction tab: add link to programatic access

Fix gene name queries in intact-view

Fix ontology suggestion selection

Libraries and APIs

point out to code snippets (kickstart)

library availability

open source

where to find them, link to Google Code

Rintact & Rpsimixml

Remote API