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Making it stick by Mind Map: Making it stick
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Making it stick


find the core

commanders intent

share the core


visual proverbs, palm pilot wooden block

use what's there, pomelo


stories as flight simulators

mirror neurons

how I got here

stories as inspiration

Jared the subway dieter





make people care

Mother Theresa principle

appeal to self interest

"They laughed at me when I..."

get out of Maslow's basement

visualising what it could do for you

Flyod Lee and his Iraq mess tent, "I'm in charge of morale"

appeal to identity

don't mess with texas

firemen who rejected popcorn popper


external credibility

authority vs anti-authority, Pam Laffin the smoker

internal credibility

convincing details

Darth Vader Toothbrush

dancing 73 yr old

make statistics accessible

nuclear warheads as BBs

human scale principle

Sinatra test


get attention / surprise

break pattern, flight safety announcement

the Nordie who

hold attention

create mystery

gap theory of curiosity


Aesop's sour grapes fable

find common ground

engineers vs manufacturers