BIM Education and Training

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BIM Education and Training by Mind Map: BIM Education and Training

1. BIM Education / Training in Industry

1.1. How can a profession get training?

1.1.1. Self Directed Learning - Learn online

1.1.2. Take training courses. Training from vendors / resellers. Training from Asscociations, e.g., AGC, DBIA, and others (there will be more soon) Internal training at companies

1.1.3. Go to conferences. BIM Forum NIBS Conference - bSa Annual Conference Association conferences that also cover BIM

1.2. What should you do to stay current?

1.2.1. Attend conferences.

1.2.2. Join interest groups.

1.2.3. Join national organizations - be active in BIM committees / groups.

1.2.4. Stay current with training as needed.

2. BIM Education in Academia

2.1. What programs teach BIM?

2.2. What should they teach?

2.2.1. BIM Software?

2.2.2. BIM Process?

2.2.3. Collaboration?

2.3. Where does Penn State stand?

2.3.1. AE?

2.3.2. Architecture?

2.3.3. CE?

3. Who needs to be trained?

3.1. Who needs to learn about BIM?

3.2. How should the organization structure the people (knowledge) within the organization?

3.3. What is the information that they need to know (Body of Knowledge)?