World Music

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World Music by Mind Map: World Music

1. Indian Music

1.1. Instruments

1.1.1. Sitar

1.1.2. Tabla

1.1.3. Tanpura

1.2. Musical Elements

1.2.1. Melody - Rag

1.2.2. Rhythm - Tal

1.2.3. Drone

1.3. Context

1.3.1. Small groups of players

1.3.2. Played sitting on floor

1.3.3. Oral Tradition Masters teach students

2. Caribbean Music

2.1. Instruments

2.1.1. Steel pans

2.2. Musical Features

2.2.1. Syncopation

2.2.2. Offbeat rhythms

2.3. Context

2.3.1. Steel band Steel pans in different sizes Drum kit Latin percussion

2.3.2. Ska Fast dance music from 1960s Offbeat rhythms Brass section Lyrics about politics

2.3.3. Reggae Slower than ska Electrc guitars Lyrics about love, politics, religion

3. African Music

3.1. Instruments

3.1.1. Mbira

3.1.2. Balafon

3.1.3. Shakers and bells

3.1.4. Drums Djembe Talking drum

3.1.5. Kora

3.2. Musical Features

3.2.1. Polyrhythms Lots of rhythms at once

3.2.2. Call and response

3.3. Context

3.3.1. Simple instruments Made from local natural materials

3.3.2. Oral tradition Master drummers teach students

3.3.3. Drum ensemble Master drummer leads the group

3.3.4. Everyone joins in Singing Dancing

4. Latin American Music

4.1. Salsa

4.1.1. Instruments Brass section Spanish singing Latin Percussion Maracas (shakers) Bongo Drums Guiro (scraper) Claves Congo Drums Rhythmic piano playing

4.1.2. Musical Features Syncopation

4.1.3. Context Fast, lively dance music Originates in Cuba

4.2. Samba

4.2.1. Instruments Drums of different sizes Shakers Agogo bells

4.2.2. Musical Features Polyrhythms Lots of rhythms played at once

4.2.3. Context Music for Carnaval parades Originates in Brazil

4.3. Andean Folk Music

4.3.1. Instruments Pan Pipes Charango Small, high pitched guitar Quena Simple drums

4.3.2. Musical Features Fast strumming on Charango Simple melody

4.3.3. Context Originates from Andes Mountains