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Vegetation by Mind Map: Vegetation
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Tropical Rainforests


consist of five layers, undergrowth, shrub, understorey, canopy, emergent

have tall, straight, thick trunks

"our ground is sparse and largely made up of grasses, ferns, mosses and fungi"


large variety, one hectare, 750 species of trees and 1500 species of other plants

"my cousins are called Kerulng, Kapur, Chengal and Meranti"


extremely dense due to high temperature and rainfall


evergreen due to high rainfall

do not shed leaves

large and broad, maximise surface area

drip-tip and waxy surface to prevent harmful bacteria and drain rainwater

rainfall and location

>1500 mm/year

10 degree North and South

27 degree celsius

Mangrove Forests


3 horizontal zones with no vertical layers, 2metre-40metre, average height is 15metre


grow on muddy and clayey soil, e.g. Sea Hibiscus and Nipah Palm


dense and luxuriant due to high temperature and rainfall

continuous canopy hence competition for sunlight

sparse undergrowth



broad with drip-tip, allow water to flow off quickly

rainfall and location

coastal regions, 23.5 degrees North and South in the tropics

Tropical Monsoon Forests


consist of 3 layers, canopy, understorey, undergrowth


200 species in one hectare

"Teak, Sandalwood and Sals are my pals"


less dense than tropical rainforest but plant growth is abundant, wet season, very dense and luxuriant, dry season, appears sparse


deciduous, shed leaves during dry seasons

waxy with drip-tips

rainfall and location

more than or equals to 1500 mm/year

26 degree celsius

"you can find me at 10-25 degree North and South

Coniferous Forests


no distinct layers, grow tall and generally uniform in height

little undergrowth due to low amount of sunlight received


few species of trees, due to not many plants being able to adapt to low temperatures, only a single or mix of at most 2-3 species grow in an area

"my cousins are Pine, Spruce and Fir"


not dense due to low temperature, in addition, precipitation cannot support dense vegetation growth


evergreen and do not shed leaves in autumn

"i'm always green and have needle like leaves"

rainfall and location

average of 20-21 degree celsius

60 degree North - 70 degree North

"i love snow and don't mind even when its -40 degree celsius"

"i come from Alaska and my uncle lives in Sweden now"