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27. by Mind Map: 27.

1. start: the worlds

1.1. Every teambuilding game is a small world the facilitators designs, invites the team to enter and explore it, so that they can later leave altogether when the goals are met, but keep bits of the experience for the future.

1.1.1. Imagined world vs. real-life situations, Teambuilding vs. Committee Work, games vs. work, media projects vs. their effect Can the journalists create worlds for themselves? Expressing personal (or not) challenges, hopes, vision etc. with media TB creative products in sub-groups using light-painting or stop-motion What world(s) is the media creating for the session? Can they be placed in public space?

2. themes: 0. predefined, active chairing in the ideation process 1. injected in J TB & training 2. ideation 3. the big map of interconnections: getting the themes together, create the media products identity, ideas need to have sex

2.1. SPACE

2.1.1. space appropriation pressroom Committee status update outside the committee room (e.g. the stage of the discussion, a clause that has been drafted etc.) participants’ quotes from CW/GA in minimal typographic posters even illustrations of quotes/speeches? projected posters instead of print? a wall covered with flipcharts for participants to express themselves #denpernaokala (aka I'm not having a great time) viral campaign: let's de-criminalise not having an amazing time, let's give the introverts some space, let's revolutionalise giving ffeedback!

2.1.2. open space Self-education, everyone to contribute Whoever comes is the right people Whatever happens is all that could have Whenever it starts is the right time When it is over, it is over Law of two feet

2.1.3. the space around us the city of Athens the neighbourhood of Kifisia the city problematique


2.2.1. European destinations

2.2.2. POLITICS committee topics Opinion articles with a focus on the everyday dimension EU institutions EU timeline

2.3. EYP

2.3.1. what is EYP Video series, sth like "The European Youth Parliament in Athens: Young people discussing European issues in a city of crisis Video #1: Opening Ceremony Video #2: most likely after the session

2.3.2. EYP (Gr) as an organisation/association

2.3.3. Get involved EYPGr GAs, parties, invite us to your school

2.3.4. Interviews HOs Indra VIPs/speakers/partners/MEPs chairs before/after photos

2.3.5. Tbilisi 2013, booked fora

2.3.6. record the whole OC/CC

2.3.7. emotional, PED, blah blah Farewell slideshow e.g. Naousa 2010 unofficial CJO tribute e.g. music video using an iphone

2.4. YOUTH

2.4.1. future should I stay or should I go EDUCATION school university

2.4.2. boys and girls

2.4.3. free time pop culture intercultureal dialogue going out "hobbies"


3.1. concrete ideas for the media products (e.g. articles)

3.2. ideas for journos' teambuilding/training

3.3. main thematic directions

3.4. thematic hubs, lots of interconnections

3.5. Media products (already planned)

3.6. additional interconnection

3.7. contrast, versus (interconnection)

4. The team

4.1. 2 editors

4.1.1. more facilitators, less Indesign junkies support system to the individuals, the projects etc.

4.1.2. needs from journos responsibility accounability self-improvement willingness to learn cooperation creativity feedback humility

4.2. 1 editorial assistant

4.3. 12 journalists

4.3.1. 10 committee journalists no committee articles but with certain responsibilities about their committee to know the delegates to act as the communication channel between the committee and the rest of the media team (e.g. if another journo needs to interact with a delegate/chair chair-journo interaction, committee-journo interaction and close observation of the main process of the session are of top priority

4.3.2. 2 journalists workload will be balanced with other projects

5. other technical resources

5.1. Photography cheatsheet