Preparing to Deliver Some Course Content Online

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Preparing to Deliver Some Course Content Online by Mind Map: Preparing to Deliver Some Course Content Online

1. Set up a Sakai site as a central meeting point.

1.1. link to directions (PaulH)

2. Review the syllabus to see what elements can be handled outside of class.

2.1. Synchronous

2.1.1. Sakai chat room (PaulH)

2.1.2. Wimba classroom (Jann/John)

2.1.3. for one-on-one or student teams: Skype, etc. (Frank)

2.1.4. DimDim??? (PaulR)

2.1.5. Second Life (DebbieJ)

2.1.6. Google Docs (Sandy)

2.2. Asynchronous?

2.2.1. Sakai forum (PaulH)

2.2.2. PowerPoint/Keynote notes (Becky)

2.2.3. Audio lecture (Becky)

2.3. Studio-style recording

2.3.1. ITV classroom recording (Bruce)

2.3.2. UD Capture "booths" (PaulR)

2.3.3. UD Capture classrooms (PaulR)

3. Create digital learning objects and make them available to students.

3.1. Text

3.1.1. Word (Sandy)

3.1.2. PowerPoint + notes view (Sandy)

3.1.3. PDF from any Office document (Sandy)

3.2. Slides with Audio explanation

3.2.1. PPT/Keynote presentation (Becky)

3.2.2. Jing over PPT or anything (Becky)

3.2.3. PhotoStory 3, iMovie (Sandy)

3.3. Telephone recording: Yodio, etc. (Becky)

4. Inform students.

4.1. Email to each student via UD POBox (PaulH)

4.2. Announcements in Sakai (PaulH)

5. Proceed with class.