Group 1 Projects/Ideas

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Group 1 Projects/Ideas by Mind Map: Group 1 Projects/Ideas

1. Gravity 0

1.1. Extreme Sports

1.1.1. Rollerblades New node

1.1.2. Skating

1.1.3. BMX

1.2. New node

1.3. New node

2. New Style Bar

2.1. Different from other pubs

2.1.1. The service is much faster and really friendly.

2.1.2. Sex sells Must have good looking stuff

2.2. New service

2.3. Great new food and totaly diferent atmosphere from all other pubs in WA.

3. Things that are already stablished in Ellen Brooke

3.1. Video Store

3.2. Bowl Clubs

3.3. Sports Centre

3.4. Night club

3.5. Restaurants

3.6. Sports Bar

3.7. Cafe

4. New node

5. Issues

5.1. Ellen Brook already has a sports bar and a night club. Another Pub/Bar would saturate de maket.

5.2. Needs to be something that we can take advantage of what we have.

5.3. Ellen Brooke has got lots of young families. So in couple of years time there will be a lot of teens.

5.4. Australians teens like things that are tough, extreme and not boring.