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1.1. On earth

1.1.1. Added for emphasis to a question,or to show you are surprised or annoyed.

1.1.2. ex: What on earth is coming on?

1.2. It costs the earth

1.2.1. Something is very expensive.

1.2.2. ex:My necklace cost the earth.

1.3. Earth-shattering.

1.3.1. An event or a new is extremely shocking and important.

1.3.2. ex:The president is dead,it is earth-shattering.


2.1. All the time in the world

2.1.1. You have plenty of time

2.1.2. ex: Take it easy,you have all the time in the world

2.2. Out of this world

2.2.1. Something is so good and unbelievable

2.2.2. ex:she is so beautiful,She is out of this world.

2.3. Worldwide

2.3.1. Something is extending throughout the entire world

2.3.2. ex:A worldwide epidemic

2.4. Think the world

2.4.1. when you have great affection and respect for someone

2.4.2. ex:I love my parents,I think the world of them.

2.5. On top of the world

2.5.1. When you feel absolutely fantastic.

2.5.2. ex: I am getting married,I am on top of the world.


3.1. The dance floor.

3.1.1. The place where people dance.

3.1.2. ex: They are on the dance floor.

3.2. The ocean floor.

3.2.1. It is the land at the bottom of the sea.

3.2.2. ex:There are plenty of weird fish at the ocean floor.

3.3. Floorboards

3.3.1. The planks of wood in a wooden floor

3.3.2. ex: They just floorboards to my house.


4.1. On the ground

4.1.1. To be realistic and practical.

4.1.2. ex:He doesn't love you,you must keep your feet on the ground.

4.2. Grounded

4.2.1. Someone is sad or depressed.

4.2.2. ex:I didn't get my schoolarship,I am so grounded.

4.3. Off the ground

4.3.1. When a plan or business starts to succed.

4.3.2. ex: My company just gets on the ground