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wordspot by Mind Map: wordspot

1. world

1.1. all the time in the world

1.1.1. a lot of time I have got all the time in the world to study

1.2. think the world

1.2.1. a great feeling for somebody she thinks the world for her husband

1.3. out of this world

1.3.1. something unbelievable that shoes are out of this world

1.4. on top of the world

1.4.1. an amazing feeling I feel on top of the world when I listen Led Zeppelin

1.5. worldwide

1.5.1. around the world the swine flue is spread worldwide

2. Ground

2.1. grounded

2.1.1. a bad feeling I'm grounded when I lose a parcial

2.2. off the ground

2.2.1. sth that is being success my proyect is off the ground

2.3. on the ground

2.3.1. to be realisic and practical in english class I'm on the ground

3. Floor

3.1. the dance floor

3.1.1. an specific place to dance in a disco I fell down dancing in the dance floor

3.2. floorboards

3.2.1. the planks of wood in a wooden floor that basketball court is made with floorboards

4. Earth

4.1. on earth

4.1.1. added for emphasis to a question what on earth is he doing?

4.2. it cost the earth

4.2.1. too expensive that Ipod cost the earth