The Components Of the System Unit

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The Components Of the System Unit by Mind Map: The Components Of the  System Unit

1. Drive bay(s)

2. Sound card

3. Memory

3.1. The operating system and other system software

3.2. Application programs

3.3. Data being processed and the resulting information

3.4. Types of memory

3.4.1. Volatile memory RAM

3.4.2. Nonvolatile memory ROM, flash memory, and CMOS Flash memory can be erased electronically and rewritten CMOS technology provides high speeds and consumes little power

3.5. RAM chips


3.5.2. Static RAM (SRAM)

3.5.3. Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM)

3.6. Memory cache

3.6.1. L1 Cache

3.6.2. L2 Cache

3.6.3. L3 Cache

3.7. Removable flash memory

3.7.1. Memory cards, USB flash drives, and PC Cards/ExpressCard modules

3.8. Access time

3.8.1. Access time is the amount of time it takes the processor to read from memory

4. Main Circuit : Motherboard

4.1. Chip

5. Expansion Slots

5.1. Sound card and video card

6. Adapter Cards

7. Power supply

7.1. The power supply converts the wall outlet AC power into DC power

7.2. Some external peripherals have an AC adapter, which is an external power supply

8. Video card

9. Processor

9.1. Core Type

9.1.1. Multi-core processor

9.1.2. Dual-core processor

9.1.3. Quad-core processor

9.2. Additional cooling

9.2.1. Heat sinks

9.2.2. Liquid cooling technology

9.3. The processor contains registers, that temporarily hold data and instructions

9.4. The system clock controls the timing of all computer operations

10. Ports

10.1. Firewire port

10.2. Bluetooth port

10.3. SCSI port

10.4. eSATA port

10.5. IrDA port

10.6. Serial port

10.7. MIDI port

10.8. A port is the point at which a peripheral attaches to or communicates with a system unit (sometimes referred to as a jack)

11. Buses

11.1. PCI bus

11.2. PCI Express bus

11.3. Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)

11.4. USB and FireWire bus

11.5. PC Card bus

12. Connector

12.1. A connector joins a cable to a port