Will Our Tap Run Dry One Day?


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Will Our Tap Run Dry One Day? by Mind Map: Will Our Tap Run Dry One Day?

1. Future

1.1. What are some of the problems that Singapore face to provide enough water for Singaporeans?

1.1.1. Singapore is facing water shortage to supply enough water for us to drink as we have little amount of land to create more reservoirs.

1.2. Solutions to problem

1.2.1. PUB is encouraging people to use lesser water for their daily needs so that when 2061 comes we will have sufficient amount of water to use.

1.3. Singapore is trying their best to get as much water as they can by having the 17 reservoirs and even more in the future.

1.4. Why will our tap run dry?

1.4.1. Singaporeans are using waters in the incorrect ways. How can we stop water from running dry? Don't bath too long Waters that are used to wash rice can be used to water the plants when brushing our teeth,don't let the water run

1.4.2. The water agreement with Malaysia will end and Singapore depends 40% of water from the imported water so water may not be sufficient if we do not start saving water now.

2. present

2.1. How Singapore collect water for uses?

2.1.1. Singapore 4 water taps? NEWater Use water that has gone through reverse osmosis. Reservoir Helps to collect rain water so that it could be use. Desalination Removing dissolved salts and minerals from seawater or brackish water to obtain clean water Imported water Buying water from other countries.

2.2. Singapore's water agency?

2.2.1. PUB Is responsible for the collection, production, distribution and reclamation of water in Singapore. Collection Production Distribution Reclamation

3. What can the public do?

3.1. Save water at home:

3.1.1. Take short showers at home

3.1.2. Use water saving devices such as: Washing Machine Water tap.

3.1.3. When washing dishes, never let the water run continuously.

3.2. Why do need to conserve?

3.2.1. To provide enough clean fresh water for people Water is essential to life.

3.3. Where to conserve?

3.3.1. School

3.3.2. Home

4. past

4.1. Problems of water shortage after the world war2?

4.1.1. Most of the machinery used to filter and pump water was damaged during the war.Water pipes in building also burst causing shortage of water for Singaporeans.

4.2. Solutions to the problem?

4.2.1. Through investment in research and technology,Singapore found an integrated ,effective and cost-efficient way to provide sufficient water for Singaporeans.

4.3. How Singapore get water in the past?

4.3.1. Before 2000 Singapore had 14 reservoirs to collect water.

4.3.2. Malaysia sells water to Singapore with the agreements.