MicroFinance Industry (DRAFT)

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MicroFinance Industry (DRAFT) by Mind Map: MicroFinance Industry (DRAFT)

1. Investors

1.1. Fund of Fund Model (Invests in MFI that invests in entrepreneurs)

1.1.1. Blue Orchard (Swiss)

1.1.2. Vision Microfinance (Austria)

1.1.3. Investors are Companies and Consumers Alterfin (Belgium) responsAbility (Switzerland)

1.1.4. Investors are Companies / Institutions Unitus / Elevar Equity (Seattle, US) Microfinance International Corporation (Washington, D.C., US) Accion International (Boston, US) Planis (Entity of PlaNet Finance) (France) Microcred Group (Entity of PlaNet Finance) (France) Grofin (Africa)

1.1.5. Investors are Companies / High Net Worth Indviduals Finca International (Washington D.C., US)

1.1.6. Investors are public funds / government Bio Invest (Belgium) Capital for Development (UK) - Focuses on many areas on top of microfinance

1.1.7. Lok Capital (India)

1.1.8. Dignity Fund (San Francisco, U.S.)

1.2. Peer to Peer (Consumers invest in entrepreneurs, through intermediary)

1.2.1. Kiva (San Francisco, U.S.)

1.2.2. Vitanna (Seattle, US)

1.2.3. TrickleUp

1.2.4. myc4

1.2.5. Wokia

1.3. High Net Worth Individuals

1.3.1. Jay Coen Gilbert

1.4. Pension Funds (Allocate part of their portfolio to social investments)

1.4.1. TIAA-CREF

1.5. Investment Clubs

1.5.1. Social Enterprise Club (Harvard)

1.5.2. Microlumbia (Columbia)

1.6. MicroFinance Institutes - There are a total of approximately 900 MFIs.

1.6.1. Top 5o MFIs According to Forbes in 2007. http://www.forbes.com/2007/12/20/microfinance-philanthropy-credit-biz-cz_ms_1220microfinance_table.html Sanasa Development Bank (Sri Lanka) Opportunity Bank A.D. Podgorica (Serbia) BURO, formerly BURO Tangail (Bangladesh) Kreditimi Rural i Kosoves LLC (formerly Rural Finance Project of Kosovo) (Kosovo) Programas para la Mujer - Peru (Peru) Development and Employment Fund (Jordan) SKS Microfinance Private Limited (India) BESA Fund (Albania) Crédito con Educación Rural (Bolivia) Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Crédito de Arequipa (Peru) FINCA - ECU (Ecuador) Microcredit Organization Sunrise (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Integrated Development Foundation (Bangladesh) Kazakhstan Loan Fund (Kazakhstan) enda inter-arabe (Tunisia) Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women (Bangladesh) Kashf Foundation (Pakistan) Fundacion Para La Promocion y el Desarrollo (Nicaraugua) MI-BOSPO Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Dedebit Credit and Savings Institution (Ethiopia) Credi Fe Desarrollo Microempresarial S.A. (Ecuador) Asmitha Microfin Ltd. (India) Dakahlya Businessmen's Association for Community Development (Egypt) Fondation Zakoura (Morocco) INECO Bank (Armenia) Khan Bank (Agricultural Bank of Mongolia LLP) (Mongolia) MIKROFIN Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Sharada's Women's Association for Weaker Section (India) Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Crédito de Trujillo (Peru) AgroInvest (Serbia) Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (Bangladesh) Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Crédito de Cusco (Peru) Grameen Koota (India) Grameen Koota (India) Partner (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Jagorani Chakra Foundation (Bangladesh) Saadhana Microfin Society (India) EKI (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Microcredit Foundation of India (India) Fondation Banque Populaire pour le Micro-Credit (Morocco) Consumer Credit Union 'Economic Partnership' (Russia) Fundación WWB Colombia - Cali (Colombia) Fundación Mundo Mujer Popayán (Colombia) Association Al Amana for the Promotion of Micro-Enterprises Morocco (Morocco) Banco Compartamos, S.A., Institución de Banca Múltiple (Mexico) Amhara Credit and Savings Institution (Ethiopia) FONDEP Micro-Crédit (Morocco) Fundación Mundial de la Mujer Bucaramanga (Colombia) Banco do Nordeste (Brazil) Bandhan (Society and NBFC) (India) ASA (Bangladesh)

1.6.2. MFI - Other Equity Bank (Africa) African Development Bank Group (Arica) Triodos Bank (U.K) - Not sure if this is a true MFI. Look into further TMSS (Bangladesh) Proshika (Bangladesh) BRAC (Bangladesh) Grameen Bank (Bangladesh) Jamii Bora (Africa)

1.7. Wholesale Financial Institutes

1.7.1. Khula Enterprise (South Africa)

1.8. NGOs

1.8.1. ADA Microfinance Expertise (Luxembourg)

1.8.2. PlaNet Finance (France) - Range of services provided through different entitities

1.9. Venture Capital Model

1.9.1. Endeavor (New York, U.S)

1.9.2. Acumen Fund (New York, U.S.)

1.9.3. Omidyar Network (California, U.S.)

1.9.4. Investors are public and private FMO (Netherlands) - microfinance is just one of their offerings

1.9.5. Norfund (Norway)

1.9.6. SKS (India)

2. Community

2.1. Blogs

2.1.1. Finca Employees: http://www.villagebanking.org/site/c.erKPI2PCIoE/b.4197779/k.5133/Blogs_From_the_Field.htm

2.1.2. Acumen Fund: http://blog.acumenfund.org/

2.1.3. http://www.microcapital.org/

2.2. Books

2.2.1. Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty. By Muhammed Yunus (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.2. The Economics Of Microfinance. By Beatriz Armendariz De Aghion, Jonathan Morduch (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.3. Microfinance Handbook: An Institutional and Financial Perspective. By Joanna Ledgerwood (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.4. A Billion Bootstraps: Microcredit, Barefoot Banking, and the Business Solution for Ending Poverty. By Eric Thurman, Philip Smith (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.5. The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time. By Jeffrey Sachs (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.6. The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits. By C.K. Prahalad (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.7. Whats Wrong with Microfinance? by Thomas Dichter, Malcolm Harper (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.8. Microfinance Investment Funds: Leveraging Private Capital for Economic Growth And Poverty By I. Matthaus-maier (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.9. The Poor Always Pay Back: The Grameen II Story. By Asif Dowla and Dipal Barua (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.10. The New World of Microenterprise Finance. By Maria Otero and Elizabeth Rhyne (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.11. More Pathways Out of Poverty. By Sam Daley-Harris and Anna Awimbo (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.12. The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank. By David Bornstein (Suggested by Microplace)

2.2.13. Draper Richards Foundations Suggestions: http://www.draperrichards.org/resources/publications.html

2.3. Twitterers

2.3.1. http://www.socialearth.org/113-microfinance-tweeters-to-follow

2.4. Consultants

2.4.1. Monitor

2.4.2. Business Partners International (South Africa)

2.5. Industry Associations

2.5.1. Small Enterprise Education and Promotion (SEEP)

2.5.2. Consultant Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)

2.5.3. Silicon Valley Microfinance Network (SVMN)

2.5.4. Microfinance Club of New York

2.5.5. Women Advancing Microfinance (wam)

2.5.6. International Association of Microfinance Investors

2.5.7. Council of Microfinance Equity Funds

2.5.8. European Finance Institutions

2.5.9. Social Investment Forum

2.6. Conferences

2.6.1. Microcredit Summit

2.6.2. Opportunity Collaboration

2.7. Magazines / News

2.7.1. World Pulse

2.8. News Articles

2.9. Online Resources

2.9.1. Microfinance Gateway

2.9.2. The Rural Finance Learning Centre

2.9.3. Microlinks

2.9.4. ESR Review

2.9.5. The World Bank

2.9.6. Microfinance Center

2.9.7. NextBillion.org

2.9.8. World Resource Institute

3. Service Providers

3.1. Software

3.1.1. TDS / Kredits

3.1.2. MicroFit (Entity of PlaNet Finance)

3.1.3. Mifos.org

3.1.4. SKS MIS

3.2. Rating Companies

3.2.1. MicroBanking Bulletin

3.2.2. Standard & Poor

3.2.3. Microfinance Information Exchange

3.2.4. Rating Fund

3.2.5. Planet Rating (Entity of Planet Finance)

3.2.6. M-CRIL

3.2.7. CRISIL

3.2.8. MicroRate

3.3. Professional Training

3.3.1. PlaNet University (Entity of PlaNet Finance)

3.4. Job Boards

3.4.1. BridgeStar

4. Need to Look into Futher

4.1. Global Investment Impact Network (potential platform?)

4.2. Choice Humanitarian (Utah Company)

4.3. Aquifer (Africa) - Couldn't find a website

4.4. Calvert(Social Investment Fund)

4.5. Microplace (Ebay Company) (US)

4.6. Opportunity Fund (US)

4.7. MercyCorp (US)

4.8. Good Capital (Microplace Suggestion)

4.9. Freedom from Hunger (Microplace Suggestion)

4.10. Grey Matters Capital (Microplace Suggestion)

4.11. Opportunity Fund (Microplace Suggestion)

4.12. MicroCredit Enterprise (Microplace Suggestion)

4.13. Namaste Direct (Microplace Suggestion)

5. Investment Advisors

5.1. Investing for Good

5.2. Intellecap (India, Europe, U.S.)

6. Terminology

6.1. Triple Bottom Line

6.2. NGO

6.3. Social Investing

6.4. Social Entrepreneurship

7. Social Investors - not necessarily microfinance

7.1. Pacific Community Ventures (Economic Development in CA)

7.2. Greenlight Fund (Non-profit development in MA)

7.3. Legacy Ventures (Fund of Fund)

7.4. Blue Ridge Foundation New York

7.5. NewProfit

7.6. New Schools Venture Fund

7.7. Roberts Enterprise Development Fund

7.8. Robin Hood

7.9. Draper Richards Foundation

7.10. New York City Acquisition Fund (affordable housing)

7.11. E-Co (invests $25k - $1m in entrepreneurs focusing on clean energy in developing countries)

8. MicroInsurance

8.1. Planet Guarantee (Entity of PlaNet Finance) (France)