FABC Student Ministry

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FABC Student Ministry by Mind Map: FABC Student Ministry

1. Mission

1.1. Mission of FABC: We exist to bring all people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!

1.2. Mission of Student Ministry: The Student Ministry at FABC strives to bring all students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Core Values

2.1. Genuine Worship

2.1.1. the ATTIC

2.1.2. Corporate Worship

2.2. Loving Fellowship

2.2.1. Snack Supper

2.2.2. Small Group Activities

2.2.3. Youth Ministry Activities

2.3. Life-Changing Discipleship

2.3.1. the TREE Discipleship Group Bible Study Discipleship Group Prayer Discipleship Group Application

2.3.2. Youth Pastor to Leaders

2.3.3. Youth Leaders to Students

2.3.4. Students to Students

2.4. Selfless Ministry

2.4.1. In the Church Worship Praise Band Ushers Teaching Sunday School the TREE

2.4.2. Outside the Church Shut-Ins Elderly Yard Work Homeless

2.5. Heartfelt Evangelism

2.5.1. Mission Trips to Local Refugees (Karen) International/Cross-Country

2.5.2. Outreach Activities Back to School Bash Sports in the Parks Game Nights Open Band Nights

2.5.3. Apartment Door to Door

2.6. Strengthening of Families

2.6.1. Family Devotions

2.6.2. Parent Conferences

2.6.3. Parent Resources

2.7. Devoted Prayer

2.7.1. Student Prayer Teams

3. Vision

3.1. The student ministry of FABC will strive to provide an environment where authentic Christian growth and discipleship flourishes through: genuine Worship of the living God, loving Fellowship among students and the church, life-changing Discipleship, selfless Ministry, heartfelt Evangelism, strengthening of Families, and devoted Prayer. This growth should ultimately culminate with the students themselves leading others into a growing and authentic relationship with Christ.

4. Strategy

4.1. Biblical Teaching

4.1.1. the ATTIC

4.1.2. the TREE

4.1.3. Sunday School

4.2. Christian Unity

4.2.1. Unity among Students

4.2.2. Unity in and among Families

4.2.3. Unity in and among all ministries of FABC

4.3. Relational Discipleship

4.3.1. Discipleship Groups

4.3.2. Leadership Development