8B Beaks of Birds

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8B Beaks of Birds by Mind Map: 8B Beaks of Birds

1. How is the beak useful to the sparrow?

1.1. to crack open and eat seeds and nuts. (QiLong)

1.2. has a multipurpose short hard and round beak for eating,digging insects and cracking seeds (Bryston)

2. What kind of beak does the woodpecker have?

2.1. Sharp, pointy.

2.2. beak is strong and sturdy with a chisel-like tup for drilling holes in tree. (Bryston)

2.3. Long, straight and pointy, good for making holes. (QiLong)

3. Eagle

3.1. What kind of beak does the eagle have?

3.1.1. have very large hooked beaks (Bryston)

3.1.2. Yellow, hooked, slanted, pointy.(Mandy)

3.1.3. strong, thick and sharply pointed. (QiLong)

3.2. How is the beak useful to the eagle?

3.2.1. The eagle's beak is like a hook and helps to tear apart the dead animal so it can eat it. They do not have teeth so they have to tear it with their sharp pointy beak.(Mandy)

3.2.2. used for tearing flesh from their prey (Bryston)

3.2.3. The eagle's beak is used to grab the prey. (QiLong)

3.2.4. It uses the sharply pointed beak to bite animals at the base of their skull to kill them before swallowing them whole. (QiLong)

4. Sparrow

4.1. What kind of beak does the sparrow have?

4.1.1. short and thick with a conical shape. (QiLong)

4.1.2. short hard and horny beak (Bryston)

5. Woodpecker

5.1. How is the beak useful to the wood pecker?

5.1.1. used for pecking holes in tree trunks

5.1.2. A woodpecker uses its beak for pecking at bark on trees(Mandy)

5.1.3. It has the ability to absorb shock energy without any damage to its body.(QiLong)

5.1.4. Use strong, pointed beaks to drill or chisel into wood and probe for insects (QiLong)

6. Pelican

6.1. What kind of beak does the pelican have?

6.1.1. have a long beak (Bryston)

6.1.2. It has large, scoop and sensitive beak. (QiLong)

6.2. How is the beak useful to the pelican?

6.2.1. used to catch fishes near water surface (Bryston)

6.2.2. High sensitivity to allow Pelican to fish in murky water or at night. (QiLong)