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Lay of the Land

Over the centuries little attention has been paid to thinking

Greek Gang of 3, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, 2 dimentional approach, Black and white, Pros and cons

Cave Man Thinking, What is this?

The Church, by means of obtaining the truth

Logical Thinking, Taught in Schools, Routeen approach, Ecellent but not good enough

Types of Thinking

Lateral Thinking, Understanding the logical thread of thought, Moving across these

Parallel thinking, Approaching a situation from the same perspective at the same time, 6 Thinking Hats Parallel Thinking Tool, Edward de Bono, Whether Forecast™ Parallel Thinking Tool, Celia Gates

Critical Thinking, Limiting, Judgemental, Negative

Creative Thinking, the creation of value

Thinking skills can be taught, willingness to accept ideas, willingness to obtain movement from them

Decisions, Pros and Cons, Quadratic Approach, Edward de Bono's 6 Thinking Hats, Celia Gates' Whether Forecast

Procrastination, Indecision, costs more than recovering from the wrong decision, waste time worrying, consume resources without learning anything new

Holistic Thinking, Embracing critical and creative thinking skills simultaneously, stimulating sparks of genius, collaborative communication from a parallel approach, Whether Forecast, Intuitive and easy, Time saving, 45 mins in the hour, Innovation generating

Mind Maps

Benefits of Mindmaps, Management, people, projects, Visual dashboard, creating visions, analysing disasters, see big picture easily, drill down details

All 500 of Fortune 500 Companies use mindmaps

How to draw a mind map, start with specific subject in mind, build out the relevance with seperate branches and headings

Slow thoughts down to the point where we can hear them.

The Collective Concious - Bringining Minds Together

Inquisitive People

Been thinking this way since childhood

Inherent fears

Be honest with yourself

What's blocking you?

"I don't know where I'm going"

Will my idea work

What happens when it goes wrong...

What do Entrepreneurs need to know in order to succeed?

From people who have been there before...

What are some of the challenges they are likely to face

How to overcome such challenges

How to generate ideas

How to make these happen

Decisions define destiny

Innovation Warehouse

A place to call home

A place to grow

Innovative Companies, Funding, Ways to grow, Structured support

Social Media Illumination

Figure out strategy, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN etc

Find Clients


Global Entrepreneurship Week, 130 Countries around the world

Knowledge base


From inspiration to aspiration, Easier, More successful journey

World recession, New Entrepreneurs needed, Critical to building economy

Good news, Understanding how to recognize risks, Getting better at offering genuine support, Education and sharing of knowledge

Mindmapping content and community

Free resource - shared information

Entrepreneurial Community

Tools to drive innovation

Turn around Coaching and Consultancy

Build a business and keep your life

Often its one or the other

Aligning actions with real vision for the future

British Inventors Society

British Invention Show, British Invention of the Year Awards

The importance of experimentation

Innovation and Technology drives progress, underpins quality of lifestyle

Kauffmann Foundation

How do we stimulate more start-up communities?, Policy, Guidance, Field exploded, Evidence based information, Guide more effectively, Measure what works, A lot of experiementation, First do no harm, Global Brainstorm

Too much attention has been given to the importance of capital, Need less now to start-up, seen as a badge of honour to the entrepreneur, need to get smarter about the money game, bootstrap for longer, BOOK: The Lean Start-up

Creation of the firm is a slow iterative process, Not stop/start, Less about mechanical parts, Business plans, Incorporation, A question of figuring out the formula that works, More about the essence of the idea, How do I start solving a problem...

"Building airplanes in flight", demonstrate the quality of the idea, Its a team sport

Create the right environment, Make it easy for people to collaborate, Do entrepreneurs create venture capitalists or do V.C's create entrepreneurs?

Challenges to the Entrepreneur

not necessarilly made a success yet...

right attitude required

Not knowing what to do next

Not knowing how to do it

Very rarely lack big picture vision

Fear of the unknown, outside their existing expertise, Not Knowing the market, Overcome this by finding people who do know, outside of their understanding, each step offers more unknowns..., "Blindfolded in a tunnel in the dark", vulnerable to "sharks", lured into "dodgey" invention promotion partnership - realize mistake at £16k, vulnerable to loss of ideas, Accept bad advice, Social Media could be an example

Fear of failure

Fear of success, "If I'm too successful I'll never see my family", Can cripple female entrepreneurs

Fear itself!

Lack of contacts, Social Media great to overcome this, LinkedIN, Use testimonials, Review sites, Use resource to build testimonials

Lack of credibility

The architect, set the vision

the builder, set the action to make it happen

Focus on end goal and vision

Fundamental Business Skills, Managing Cash flow, Strategic Growth Management

Often doing it alone

"Life is a process of Iteration", There is no "failure", People who get it wrong have not failed, People who give up too early fail, From learning comes growth, Evolution, Move from Biology to Technology, Humans are not evolving to have extra thumbs..., We evolve at a slower rate to technology, Technology is evolving at a different speed., You must follow YOUR journey

Protecting Intellectual Property whilst building a community, Non-disclosure agreement, Still can't talk to too many people, Find inventor Clubs/ Trusting Communities, Your community can improve your idea for you, Talk to them about the problem that their idea solves, Apply for a patent or design rights, Protect your idea, Sometimes its very pertanent to protect with a patent., 1 example is responsible for $1 billion turnover in Malaysia - Patent was essential., Maerogel, Rice Husk Silica, Nasa Aerogel, Sand SIlica, Kane's own designs copies, Other examples copied, Sometimes there is every reason to patent, Digital Audio Player, Fastest selling piece of electrical equipement, Untitled, Technology with worldwide potential, People could steal your idea BUT because they're NOT on the same journey as you it doesn't really matter., Share with as many people as you can, Allow the interaction to develop your ideas, e.g. of fashion desinger flattered by someone "stealing" his idea - T-shirt business, Danger of paranoia about not sharing, People can overrate their own ideas, Tell others and it makes it better, Take a leap of faith, Patents and IP becoming a little old fashioned, No one can steal your vision.

Social Media, Sharing, Twitter all about sharing, 10 x per day, Facebook, 3 x per day, Mind maps, Slow growth, Pulling teeth getting people to upload content, Iterative process, Tipping point with people's willingness to share content, Marketing - social networks, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Connecting with like minds, Meet people with similar interests

Global Entrepreneurship Week

131 Countries

Success Stories in Supporting


Raising Awareness of Prostate Cancer

Grow a moustache for the month of November

Whether Report™

Adopt the role of the Whether Reporter

In the lay of the land mindset you are the cartographer, Drawing your own map

Through the other mindsets you are the explorer, Understanding your situation in differnt climates

In this last mindset you are the reporter, summarizing the outcome of the brainstorm

Lots to report on

Reporting is an essential thing to do

What do you know I don't know?

Who do you know who I don't know?

What action must I prioritize in order to get to where I really want to go?


Your beleifs influence your decisions tremendously, challenge them from time to time

Dreaming Big

The importance of being able to generate new Ideas, Value, Iterative evolution

The importance of being able to see problems as fuel with which to further passion and purpose

The importance of lateral thinking tools such as the Whether Forecast, Helping you see the bigger picture, Helping you identify what action to take next

Keep going and have the confidence to try new things, If one thing doesn't work, try another.

Learning from other people

Enjoying the here and now

The need to spend more time thinking about thinking, by means of evolving ideas through an iterative process of taking action


The world needs more lateral and logical thinkers

The idea is of the essence

Primary fears come from not knowing what to do

Success is also battoning down the hatches to "Whether" the Snow and Rain

To overcome such fear, talk to people with more experience or like-minded to you.

Keep taking action even when the pace slows, Maintaining Momentum

Use your community to support you., Prioritize the needs of your clients, Have fun with your brand and message

Change Management

Time is a measure of change

Rather than manage time. Manage Change

Account for this in baby steps

Appriciate the iterative process, allow ideas to evolve

The power of team

Often we feel as if we have to do it alone

All have stengths and non-strengths

Have more people in your team

Concentrate on the community

Cross-cultural collaboraton, Communication

Rather like the weather - tomorrow will be different

Entrepreneurs don't tend to worry about how bad it could get

Have the courage to move forward

Keep it going and watch the "Whether"

The Whether Forecast Process

Sits beautifully in a mind map format, Most popular mind maps on are 6 think hats, Will see more Whether Maps emerging

Experience the weather all the time, Great metaphore, Intituve and relevant, Very effective, Balanced decisions

Inspiring and Innovative

More information, Buy the book!, Paperback on Lulu, Amazon Kindle

A tool to help people "see" more about themselves and what they're trying to do, Invaluable, Quick, Effective, Confidence, Sense of knowing

Add to IdeaSpace Global as a regular event

Plugin to BiggerPlate Community

Andrew Wilcox Cadre Consulting Mind Map


Metaphorically representing all external influences that exist outside of your control

You can't see the wind

You see its affects

You can't control the wind

You can only harness it to your advantage

Local Winds

Friends & family, Look at home for your inspiration, Ancestors

Collagues and Peers

Like minded local communities, On line, Off line, British Invention Show... Celia's story

Mentors within reach, Much more accessible, People have a willingness to help, People have a willingness to share ideas, Engage with brains that are greater than your own, Free advisors

More than one community/network, Go to Physical events, Go to Online events, Events NOT relevant to you, Learn from other aspects, Transfer to other areas

Find the stories that support you, Inspiration, Understanding, Energy

Like minded hobbies, Skiing, Cinema, Kite surfing, WIND, Gives wind a whole other meaning

Use peer pressure for focus and motivation, Public deadlines, Shared targets

Build your own community, What do they want?, How may they support you?, Raving fans, Profitable Pioneers

Who are you surrounding yourself with?, Are they telling you you're crazy?, Surround yourself with your raving fans

Prevailing Winds

Global Entrepreneurship Week, Meet like-minded people, Join a community, Take part in an activity, Stop feeling alone, Learn from others, Rough and the smooth, Share stories, transfer knowledge, Restore faith and belief

Global Economic Climate

The Global Brainstorm

Governement, Policy makers



Winds outside of your control

Tax, Create an environement that stimulates investment

Hurricans and Torrnadoes DO hit

how can we batton down the hatches?

Is this wind too strong for us to whether?

Prepare by predicting patterns

How can the winds be used as a catalyst to change?

7 Steps to Successful Change Management, WHETHER FORECAST BOOK EXTRACT, Reveal Root cause, Generate simple solutions, Create Collective Value Driven Vision, Promote Profitable Pioneers, Disclose broader Mission, Commit to your cause, Hold up Success for applause

Winds Change... do you?


Change sense of perspective

Look towards the horizon in the sun

Look down towards your feet in the rain

The positive power of negative speculation

Imagine a day when it feels as if the world is working against you

Notice the leak in the roof

Notice the blocked drains

Understand the potential problems

Rainy Days

When somebody I know is in harm.

The rest doesn't really matter

There is a lot to be learned from collecting rain, If you get served lemons make lemonade

Stressed, Overworked, Overwhelemed


Concerned, Unsure about the future

There are opportunities in the rain, rehydrate, refresh, dance in the rain

Not implementing

Failing to take the necessary action

don't know what to do

don't know how to do it

Consider all of the objections

Worth time thinking about what might arise, Pre-plan an answer, Before the solution arises

There is a positive way to think negatively

Understand a potential problem in advance, Remove some of the risks, predict potential outcome, work around them

Reality check

Sensing the negatives

understanding them, avoid tripping over them

How far is your money going to go?

What resources do you really need?

Favours being asked, Is the goodwill there?, How much arm twisting...?, How far can this go?

Do not allow the problems to surface and surprise you, Be honest with yourself, Know your enemeies, A lack of cash can be an enemy

Talk to other people, Understand what you don't know, Understand where you need expertise, Don't let it fall apart because you can't do it

Most take-overs want to remove the founder, He is not the best CEO, Entrepreneurs are rock and rollers

Knowing the reality, Protect against potential problems, Take precautions from risks

When it all goes wrong online

Social Media Trolling, Be careful with privacy settings, Fake profiles

Trip Advisor example, you must face a negative review head on, Be polite, Leave door open for communication, Acknowledge problem publically, Resolve it privately

Ask Gemma for advice, Twitter: @GemLThompson


Challenges our basic survival

What's essential to your basic survival

Prioritize your actions clearly

Get rid of the dead wood, A tree sheds its leaves in the snow

Critical to business survival


Sales and Marketing

Keeping expenses low, snow can come, hibernate and stay alive

Good margin of profitablity

Work hard, Keep energy up so as not to freeze

A recession is a time of snow

Some people sit indoord doing nothing

Other people go an play in the snow

Important to keep that sense of fun

Become a lateral thinker

Its your mindset and creativity that can carry you through.

Pre-plan for snow

Knowing what you're going to do when it does..., Have fun!

Post euphoric sludge..., that's the hardwork bit when people lose the will

Its important you don't freeze with the rest of the world

Keep moving forward even if the pace slows

Know where your key areas are - how are you going to get access to these in the snow?

Having learnt to survive - can you thrive?

Brand, Worst advice was to change the name to be more serious...??!, Build fun into the brand


Being myself

Get constructive

Get creative

Where are the paths that need to get cleared?

Notice the footsteps in the snow, What are the thoughts you've refered to often?

Notice the patterns of movement

Notice the flow of important action

Optimize these processes for accellerated growth


stretch your imagination

What would you do if you were sitting on a rainbow

If you had superhero powers what would these be and what would you do

Challenge reality

There is probably more than one reality

Personal realities, Remove all elements of fear, Storm right in - do it anyway, New technology people don't understand, Other's think you're crazy..., Kane's example of recreating the music industry, The rules are the ones you make as you go along, "I didn't know I couldn't do it", Its ok to be frightened, Do your research, Dobule check your idea is of worth, Strap up and take serious action, "kick ass", Roll sleeves up and push like hell, You can achieve what you aim for if you beleive it.

Crazy ideas

Are we being a little mad in our thinking?

Give yourself permission to have such outrageous ideas

Allow these to add value in the real world

Superhero powers

"Find my own voice"

Project into the future and idealize, self-actualize, Fulfilling Dreams and wishes

"Be in two places at one time", Appriciate the interesting things in the here and now, 2nd me could go to the other place on my behalf

Read people's minds, If I knew exactly what they didn't know..., See confusions and roadblocks before these materilaize, As long as they're not thinking bad things about me!

Step outside my body see myself from other peoples eyes, egotitical, vain, harsh in my approach to people, take on board observations, Improve and grow

Implant "chips" in people, automatically give them what they need, restore childhood imagination before pre-conditioning

Let go of inherent fears and beleif

Rainbow mindset gives us permission to do so

Connect with people

Raise Capital

Unafraid of rejection

Extra confidence and clarity

Actions beyond your comfort zone


Imagine a day when it feels as if everything is going your way



Full of vitality

Generally Happy



Providing for family

Somewhere nice to run

No financial worries


Beleif in the idea, excited to make it happen

Blind Optimism, Ignorance is bliss

Beleif that its possible

Change the world in a small or large way


What you can bring to others

How you may connect to other people

Significance in a wider world


coming together to share ideas

transfer knowledge

blend vision


Big vision, never a problem for the entrepreneur

often lack short term vision, Know about the mansions and million dollars, don't know whether to turn right or left out of front door

Need strategic short term goals, clarify ideas in the near future, taking small baby steps to achieve goals, celebrating small achievements

Redefining failure

whilst learning, sharing, growing, contributing... NOT failing


THings are evolving


moving in the right direction

Making progress

Extra energy

Constant Action


Keen to take on a new idea

Able to conquer a challenge

Knowing on the right track at the right time

There can be clouds that come across a sunny day

The discovery of what's behind a cloud that changes that beleif

The removal of that cloud

The Whether Forecast™ Tool

An Introduction by means of action learning

A parallel thinking tool

using 7 mindsets, The lay of the land, Sun, Wind, Rain, Rainbow, Snow, The Whether Report

An Innovation Generating Machine

A framework from which to derive solutions

A means of mapping Ideas

Better Brainstorming and Decision Making

Personal and Professional Growth


Paperback on Lulu

E-book for Kindle

Template for Whether Forecast mind map