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Region by Mind Map: Region

1. Physical Region

1.1. Climates

1.1.1. Tropical Around Equator It can be Vietnam or philippine Warm and hot weather Warm all year( No Winter)

1.1.2. Mountain Less oxygen when you go up Requires lot of trees and it has stream and something relate about water cycle Water cycle

1.1.3. Desert Not much Rain In India they have season called "Munson" its rainy season. They celebrate it because their doesn't rain a lot Mostly placed in South America and Asia. Very dry and hot

1.1.4. Polar Arctic and Antarctic Very cold all year Don't get too many sunlight. Earth's atmosphere protect from sun

1.1.5. Continental Above the equator. It has very hot summer but very cold winter.

1.1.6. Temperate Below the equator. Get sunlight from angle not directly.

1.2. Natural Disaster

1.2.1. Tsunamis Flushes everything Happens usually on Japan Earthquake under water Related with Earthquake

1.2.2. Tornadoes It happens because when warm air goes up and cold air come down, it causes huge movement of wind happens in warm weather Usually happens in America Will tear everything Forms in flat and tidy place.

1.2.3. Earthquake Caused by two plates meet together and crash.

1.3. Forms

1.3.1. Water System

1.3.2. Volcanoes Relates with Earthquake If volcanoes move plates will move also, so usually Volcanoes activated earthquake happens too. Two types Activated or unactivated

2. Human Region

2.1. Countries

2.1.1. Culture Language Their are about 6000 languages exist We can easily find that European languages are similar because it all based on English. And also Asia, may be their writing is not so similar but when we speak, it all based on Chinese. Food Every single country has their own food style. Class As the time pass, class between someone and someone made naturally.

2.1.2. Orgin As what scientists say, a first human made in Africa, but we all not sure

2.2. Agriculture

2.2.1. Farming crops Most of South East Asia farm because they do not have technologies. Vietnam, the most biggest farming country in South East Asia. People start to farm because they wanted to stay in one place. They luckily found out that relationship between seeds and soil. So they could Farm and lived better life

2.2.2. Farming animals Every countries farm animals Most popularly, U.S export and farm cows. A origin of farming animals were similar as why they farmed crops.

2.3. Economy

2.3.1. As the all country divided and making a actual country shape, it made economy. It is basic power of country. If country has low economy they can not rule the world. They need to just obey bigger country or ruin Because of this, countries still have a territory problem. And usually a territory will owned by richer country.

2.4. Time zones

2.4.1. Made by Sir SANDFORD FLEMING 24 TIMEzones exist equation of knowing time line is 360 divide by 24 .

3. Multi factor Region

3.1. It means a region that have more than one characteristic. Like combination of region and other region.

3.1.1. Ex. Ski resort. A resort built by human ( Human region) but a mountain where we ski is natural made ( Physical)

3.1.2. When we combined Human region and Physical region we called that as eco zone.

3.1.3. Canada has 15 distinct land based ecozones and 5 mmarine based ecozones

4. Functional Region

4.1. Definition of how it used.

4.2. Often develop around a center or focal point

4.3. Making decisions

4.3.1. It's like considering about region .

4.4. functional region is whithin our towns and cities include industrial area, residential area and business area.

4.5. like agricultural region