Goldstein Chapters 6 and 7

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Goldstein Chapters 6 and 7 by Mind Map: Goldstein Chapters 6 and 7

1. Local Sexuality 1. Crucial to understand sexuality in Brazilian context, ignore ethnocentrisms 2. Sex-Positive Culture A. "sexual paradise - for men" B. Transgressions permitted - for men C. Very flirty, whether young or old, public or private 3. Active and Passive Sex Roles A. Penetrator is active "homen" -always a masculine role, whether sex is with man or woman B. Receiver is passive "bicha" or "vidao" - feminine role for women and effeminate men

2. Feminism 1. Little traction in Brazil 2. Two feminisms: A. Accepted left-leaning branch, avoids radicalism B. Unaccepted anti-men lesbians (accuracy of description questionable)

3. Eating Metaphors 1. Eating someone = consuming them sexually - active, usually male role 2. Being eaten = receiving end of the deal - passive, usually female role A. roles can be reversed (subverted, really) when the "passive" person is actually using sex to get what they want out of "eater" 3. Don't even joke about "eating" mother and daughter - deep-seeded fears about step-father as abuser.

4. Double Standards and Other Intricacies 1. Male and female double standards A. Males encouraged to seduce and gain sexual experience B. Females guarded, supposed to stay virginal 2. Class double standards A. Low class viewed as sexually loose - can't wait to "give it up" B. High class more reserved C. These standards are amplified based on sex and make it difficult for low class to get justice with regards to sexual crime 3. Sacanagem - difficult to define A. borderline sexually transgressive behavior B. pleasurable or painful, depends on indiviual perceptions 4. Father vs Step-father A. Father is protector, provider. Transgressions against family unforgivable B. Step-father should protect and provide but can get away with transgressions so long as he provides

5. The Rape Story 1. Tale of rape and robbery - definitely not funny on its own 2. Dark humor comes from varying interpretations of event by participants A. Ignacio only concerned with loss of his watch B. Anita used it as chance justly escape virginity (totally oversimplified that) 3. Later used to highlight Gloria - Anita conflict A. "tyrannical" rule of mother over daughters - just doesn't want to feed even more mouths B. Anita viewed this as assault on personal liberty, didn't really consider economic responsibility factors