Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you a complete set of analytics, social, advertising, targeting and web experience management solutions and a real-time dashboard that brings together everything you need to know about your marketing campaigns. So you can get from data to insights to action, faster and smarter than ever.

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Adobe Marketing Cloud by Mind Map: Adobe Marketing Cloud

1. Adobe Analytics

1.1. SiteCatalyst®

1.2. Adobe Discover®

1.3. Insight

1.4. Adobe Genesis™

1.5. TagManager

2. Adobe Target

2.1. Test&Target™

2.2. Recommendations

2.3. Search&Promote

3. Adobe Social

3.1. SocialAdLens™

3.2. CQ - Social Communities

3.3. SiteCatalyst®

3.4. Insight

4. Adobe Experience Manager

4.1. Digital asset management

4.2. Web content management (CQ5)

4.3. Scene7

5. Adobe Media Optimizer

5.1. AdLens™

5.2. AudienceManager

5.3. SiteCatalyst®