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8AM Research by Mind Map: 8AM Research

1. http://blog.compassion.com/karen-refugees-the-refugees-of-sao-hin/ 380 hits. Karen students- lack of education especially in writing. Need to improve upon skill

2. Research

2.1. Cyril

2.1.1. 8 Hits 1 hit of importance (Drive)

2.1.2. 8 hits 4 hits of importance (Drive)

2.1.3. 20 hits 6 hits of importance (Drive)

2.1.4. >50 2 hits of importance (Drive)

2.2. Articles

2.2.1. 3 Hits (Drive)

3. Social Injustice Africa (JSTOR)

4. Social Injustce and America (JSTOR)

5. .

6. Driving Question - Is it possible in the United States for people who have been formerly incarcerated to make a fresh start?

7. Driving Question: How will gaining knowledge about the college and job application process help to better the Writing Partnership Participant's chance at reaching a higher level of education and/or desired career?

8. Keywords

9. Keywords

10. Kate Bender

10.1. Driving Question: How will gaining knowledge of the college and job application process help to better the Writing Partnership participants chance at reaching a higher level of education and/or desired career?

10.2. Keywords

10.2.1. Higher Education

10.2.2. Job Application Process

10.2.3. Education for Reugees

10.2.4. Job Opportunities for Lower Education

10.2.5. Refugees

10.2.6. Access to Education

10.3. Articles

10.3.1. ProQuest http://search.proquest.com/docview/1113305848/13D3A82421679BA9ABB/4?accountid=1385 Refugee students encouraged to pursue a higher level of education after High School. Trying to pass high school proficiency test http://zz2wq9js3l.search.serialssolutions.com/directLink?&atitle=%22That%27s+How+We+Roll%22%3A+A+Case+Study+of+a+Recently+Arrived+Refugee+Student+in+an+Urban+High+School&author=Roxas%2C+Kevin%3BRoy%2C+Laura&issn=00420972&title=The+Urban+Review&volume=44&issue=4&date=2012-11-01&spage=468&id=doi:10.1007%2Fs11256-012-0203-8&sid=ProQ_ss&genre=article HIgh School education for refugees. How they interact and learn in a public school environment after all of the hardship that they have experienced.

10.3.2. EBSCO http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=4&sid=a4c39e50-f1e9-48af-b46d-cfe77d357181%40sessionmgr12&hid=20&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=eft&AN=79819189 Language as a barrier for higher education and job opportunity http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=4&sid=a4c39e50-f1e9-48af-b46d-cfe77d357181%40sessionmgr12&hid=20&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=nlebk&AN=470185 Overcoming the barriers that prevent refugees from achieving a higher educatiion Strategies of how refugees can prepare for and receive a higher level of education

11. Shae Voorhees

11.1. How will a creative writing program impact the men at Mount Mc.Gregor Correctional Facility?

11.1.1. keywords writing program in correctional facility creativity in prison prison writing program Research creative writing program correctional facility writing PENS

12. Maria Rocco

12.1. Driving Question:

12.1.1. Are refugees that come to America less educated on the severity of HIV and AIDs, and how are programs being created to help educate them?

12.2. Keywords:

12.2.1. AIDs education

12.2.2. HIV education

12.2.3. Refugees

12.2.4. United States

12.3. Google Scholar:

12.3.1. HIV education for refugees in the United States 26,500 Hits HIV education needs among Sudanese Immigrants and Refugees in the Midwestern

12.3.2. HIV infection in refugees 17,000 Hits HIV infection in refugees: a case--control analysis of refugees in Rhode Island Long-term development of a "whole community" best practice model to address health disparities in the Cambodian refugee and immigrant community of Lowell, Massachusetts

12.4. Databases:

12.4.1. EBSCO Refugee HIV education in United States 1 Hit

13. Waleed Ijaz

13.1. Driving Question: Can we use technology to create a more efficient learning community?

13.2. Keywords

13.2.1. Social technology CYRIL 788 hits ProQuest

13.2.2. Online community CYRIL 59 hits JSTOR virtual Community

13.2.3. Social media CYRIL 815 hits JSTOR http://bit.ly/16rKHjZ

13.2.4. web resources CYRIL 94 hits JSTOR http://bit.ly/XZLPI

14. Alley O'Farrell

14.1. Driving Question:

14.1.1. Can community service teach all people?

14.2. Keywords:

14.2.1. Examples of Community Based Learning Projects (college)

14.2.2. Diverse community service

14.2.3. Service Learning in Colleges all Majors

14.2.4. Secondary education service learning

14.2.5. Advantages of service learning

14.3. Research:

14.3.1. 382,000 Hits The Journal of Higher Education (Implementing Service Learning) http://www.jstor.org/stable/2943981?seq=2

14.3.2. 610,000 College Composition and Communication (Community Service and Critical Thinking) http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.2307/358813

14.3.3. 80,200

15. Liz Farah

15.1. Keywords - incarceration; incarcerated men; society

16. Genesis Saldana

16.1. Driving Question:

16.1.1. Can citizenship status improve the Karen's people situation in America and Burma? How?

16.2. Keywords

16.2.1. Karen and Burma

16.2.2. Benefits of a citizen

16.2.3. Refugee status (dangers)

16.2.4. Aiding Refugee Camps (situation)

17. Colin Scherff

17.1. Even the Ghanaian people have developed poor education and communication skills what can Project 3 and our community do to solve these issues?

17.2. Key Words:

17.2.1. Effective Communication Skills

17.2.2. Higher Education in Africa

17.2.3. Language Barriers in Africa

17.3. Research

17.3.1. ProQuest 615 http://search.proquest.com/docview/1220362002/13D3AB0E6384AF95C17/6?accountid=138

17.3.2. Cyril 15 http://library.siena.edu/search~S0?/XHigher+education+in+Africa&SORT=D/XHigher+education+in+Africa&SORT=D&SUBKEY=Higher+education+in+Africa/1%2C15%2C15%2CB/frameset&FF=XHigher+education+in+Africa&SORT=D&2%2C2%2C

18. Monique Jenkinson

18.1. Driving Question

18.1.1. What injustices do soldiers face once coming home, and what resources are available to them?

18.2. Key Words

18.2.1. Injustice

18.2.2. United States

18.2.3. Veterans

18.3. Research

18.3.1. ProQuest

19. Claire Young

19.1. Driving Question

19.1.1. How much help will the Karen students have to receive to achieve the same status and/or be on the same level as American citizens?

19.2. Keywords

19.2.1. Same level

19.2.2. American citizens

19.2.3. Receive help

19.2.4. Same status

19.2.5. Achieve

19.3. Research

19.3.1. Achieve same status as American citizens CYRIL 32,000 Google Scholar 30,100

20. Michael Catapano

20.1. Driving Question: Will teaching the Karen Kids better study habits, result in them doing better on tests in school, therefore allowing them to continue their education?

20.2. Keywords

20.2.1. higher education CYRIL 1268 hits

20.2.2. refugees CYRIL 509 hits GALE 40 links

20.2.3. success CYRIL 1447 hits

20.2.4. study success CYRIL 110 hits

21. Carlos Mercado

21.1. Driving Question

21.1.1. Is it possible that prisoners, even with their very limited freedom, can obtain any goals that they may have for themselves? Ex: Possibly reading a certain number of books or improve speaking skills

21.2. Keywords

21.2.1. Prisoners, goal setting, goal obtaining, motivation

21.3. Research

21.3.1. Cyril A Theory of Goal Setting & Task Performance by Edwin A. Locke and Gary P. Latham with contributions by Ken J. Smith and Robert E. Wood. Goal Setting : A Motivational Technique That Works! by Edwin A. Locke and Gary P. Latham.

21.3.2. JSTOR

22. Elainy Rodrigue

22.1. Driving Question

22.2. What limitations does society put on inmates even after their release?

22.3. Key Words

22.3.1. Inmate education

22.3.2. education for prisoners

22.4. Cyril Database

22.4.1. Resistance behind bars : the struggles of incarcerated women / by Victoria Law.

22.5. Jstor

22.5.1. Prisoners' Positive Illusions of Their Post-Release Success

23. Jessica Blanchard

23.1. Driving Question: What is the ultimate goal planned to be achieved by getting the writing center involved with the writing partnership

23.2. Key Words: Community involvement with Karen Refugees. Why writing skills are beneficial to Karen refugees

23.3. CYRIL 24 http://karenwomen.org/

23.4. http://blog.compassion.com/karen-refugees-the-refugees-of-sao-hin/ 380 hits. Karen students- lack of education especially in writing. Need to improve upon skill

24. Kelly McGinnis

24.1. Driving Question: Is it possible to improve the lives of the Ghanaian people through the work of community service?

24.1.1. Keywords: collaboration, service, goals, skills, community, refugees Research: CYRIL Strong community service learning : philosophical perspectives / Eric C. Sheffield PROQUEST

25. Jenna Potter

25.1. Diving question- Does a persons view of social justice vary based upon cultural background?

25.2. Key Words

26. Brittany Drollette

26.1. Driving Question: How has dissatisfaction with education impacted the lives of inmates at Mt. McGregor correctional facility, and increased their likeliness of recidivism?

26.2. Keywords:

26.2.1. educational dissatisfaction

26.2.2. recidivism

26.2.3. service learning

26.2.4. inmates

26.3. CYRIL:

26.3.1. "Where's the Learning in Service-Learning?" by Janet Eyler, Dwight E. Giles; foreword by Alexander W. Astin.

26.4. JSTOR:

26.4.1. "Perceived Effects of a Correctional Health Education Service-Learning Program" by John Amtmann; Journal of Correctional Education.

26.4.2. "Incarceration and Beyond: A personal perspective" by Reginald A. Wilkinson; Ohio College Access Network

26.4.3. "Grassroots Report: Service Learning Sustains Hope" by Jennifer Burek Plerce; American Libaries

26.5. ProQuest:

26.5.1. "The Missing Link: Service Learning as an Essential Tool for correctional education" by Jacquelyn B. Frank, Jon-Adam Omstead, Steven Anthony Pigg; Journal of Correctional Education

27. Jess Guthrie

28. Kim Ramirez

28.1. Driving Question: What are the resources that are still available to men who have been incarcerated, despite their status of a convicted person. Using these resources to their advantage, what can they do to avoid becoming homeless?

28.2. Key Words

28.2.1. Homeless

28.2.2. Imprisonment

28.2.3. Convicted felon

28.2.4. Resources

28.2.5. Prevent rather than cure

28.2.6. Public assistance

28.2.7. LACK of resources

28.3. CYRIL

28.3.1. "Do prisons make us safer? : the benefits and costs of the prison boom" by Steven Raphael and Michael A. Stoll, editors.

28.4. JSTOR

28.4.1. "From Marginalized to Mainstreamed: The HEART Project Empowers the Homeless" by Kathryn W. Goetz and Cynthia J. Schmiege: talks about incarceration as a leading cause for homelessness

28.4.2. "Assertions of "Future Dangerousness" at Federal Capital Sentencing: Rates and Correlates of Subsequent Prison Misconduct and Violence" by Mark D. Cunningham, Thomas J. Reidy and Jon R. Sorensen

29. Nataliya Owens

29.1. Driving Question: Health in Ghana such as common ailments, malnutrition, availibility of medicines and about the simple facts about the body/personal hygiene, will it bring good into the society?