ways to use VidBiscuit

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ways to use VidBiscuit by Mind Map: ways to use VidBiscuit

1. Thanks for your business to end a call

2. existing clients

2.1. birthday greetings

2.2. cross sell, explain coverages

2.2.1. New node New node

2.3. thanks for referral

2.4. claim follow up

2.5. Introduce referral program

2.6. Direct them to articles of importance

2.7. Staff introduction from behind the scenes staff

2.8. Request feedback on service/agency

2.9. Look forward to meeting client at registered event

3. brand new clients

3.1. part of welcome kit

3.2. generate referrals

3.3. introduce key staff that will work with them

3.4. Round Account

4. prospects

4.1. thank for interest

4.2. follow up on quote

4.3. Confirm Appointment

4.3.1. Request copies of dec pages, payment, etc

5. staff

5.1. happy birthday

5.2. anniversary

5.2.1. Hire Date

5.2.2. Wedding

5.3. Nurturing Horses

5.4. Thanks for your help/contribution

5.5. Give Kudos

6. Vendors

6.1. report/show damaged goods

6.2. show adjustments needed

7. Client Nurturing

7.1. introduce staff to Client

7.2. WOW Client

7.3. Thank Client

7.4. Tell about a new product

7.5. Tell about a new R.M. Tool

7.6. Tell about a new service or change of service

8. agency acquisition

8.1. step in prospecting sequence

8.2. follow-up after 1st meeting

8.3. intro to carriers of selling agency after offer is accepted

9. family

9.1. surprise email to spouse

9.2. request meeting with teacher

9.3. staying in touch w/friends

9.4. checking in w/parents

9.5. visiting soon

10. Ins.Company Nurturing/Agency Promo