Microsoft Access Tutorial 6

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Microsoft Access Tutorial 6 by Mind Map: Microsoft Access Tutorial 6

1. Combo Box

2. Adding fields to a form

3. relationships

3.1. Printing a Database using the Documenter

3.2. Creating a Report

3.3. Table Definition Dialog box

4. Designing forms

4.1. Multiple Items tool

4.2. Split Form Tool

4.2.1. Form Layout tool Anchoring Control Padding The default is narrow Control Margins

5. Form Layout tool

5.1. Gridliness

5.2. Staked

5.3. Tabular

6. Anchoring Controls in a form

7. Creating a Custom Form in a design view

8. Adding a title to a form

8.1. Adding a subform to a form

9. Changing the tab order in a form

9.1. Modifying the visual effects

9.2. Improving its appearance