Whenever possible, drive fear out of your life

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Whenever possible, drive fear out of your life by Mind Map: Whenever possible, drive fear out of your life

1. Life with fear

1.1. Can't perform at your best

1.1.1. "What if?"

1.1.2. Influenced by Negative self-talk

1.1.3. Influenced by Negative self-image

1.1.4. Always thinking of the consequences

2. Life without fear

2.1. Most effective way to reach your goals

2.1.1. Encouraged by Affirmations

2.1.2. Influenced by positive self-talk

2.1.3. Influenced by positive self-image

2.1.4. Visualize life without the fear

3. How?

3.1. Write out affirmations

3.2. Surround yourself with positive people

3.3. Place value on your goal

3.4. Visualize attaining your goal and use the emotion to work towards it

4. How I will apply it:

4.1. If I have any fear surface during my career I will write affirmations ensuring that my training, skill sets, and gear are my reasons to fear nothing.

4.2. I will work with, converse with, and hang out with those who do not share the fear and are supportive.

4.3. I will visualize my affirmations and attaining my end goal that any fear may try to get in the way of.