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Physics by Mind Map: Physics

1. Mass

1.1. Mass is the same at any location

1.2. Amount of matter in the body

1.3. SI unit: kilogram

1.3.1. measured by calibrated electronic balance/beam balance

2. Weight

2.1. scalar value

2.2. SI unit: Newton

2.3. Measure with weighing scale

2.4. force of gravity acting on an object determined by the formula below.

2.4.1. therefore, weight is affected by the gravitational force of the environment

3. Gravitational field strength

3.1. g force/unit

3.2. more mass = more g force acting upon the object

3.3. Earth has a higher g force than the moon

4. Inertia

4.1. reluctance of an object to start/stop moving

4.1.1. resistance of any object in a state of rest/motion

4.2. force is needed to overcome inertia

4.3. Fnet = MA

4.3.1. factors affecting inertia: Mass, Acceleration Higher mass = higher inertia higher velocity = higher inertia

5. W = mg