User Stories

En example of using mind maps to generate user stories.

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User Stories by Mind Map: User Stories

1. v1

1.1. As a/an

1.1.1. <Role> I want to/I can <some feature>

1.1.2. account owner I can check my balance online transfer an amount to a different account I want to be able to receive a daily account status by email be able to receive my weekly account status by email I want to see the last time and ip address of the previous visit

1.1.3. bank manager I want to see the previous time and ip address of all accounts

2. v2

2.1. In order to

2.1.1. <achive some value> As a/an <Role>

2.1.2. keep a daily balance 24 hours a day As an account owner

2.1.3. monitor and be reminded of my balance As an account owner

2.1.4. monitor account access As an account owner bank manager