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eSingularity Technology Assessment by Mind Map: eSingularity Technology Assessment
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eSingularity Technology Assessment

Intention of this map

Why should eSingularity be assessed?

TA will result in ...

What should be assessed?

What is Technology Assessment?

Technology assessment - Wikipedia

Complementary approach is to make foresight a multplayer game: Gaming the future

Impact on education system

impact on current global education system

change of methods


institutions teaching teachers

qualification levels

Impact on economical and political system

labor market






Impact on cultures

learning cultures

value system, traditional cultures


maturity of infrastructure

roadmap of components

other technological conditions

Impact on geopolitical system

Accelerated Power Shift to Asia?

digital divide because of insufficiant means of purchasing in Africa, India and China?

Impact on ecological system

secondary effect of economical development is intense metabolism, accelerated consumption of natural ressources

Ring of maps

Learniing 3.0 Mind Map

Author of this map

I am Willi Schroll, a technology analyst, strategy consultant and futurist. See more about me here: or on this mind map: Learniing 3.0 Mind Map

Possible deficits of the current vision

lack of scope

counter measurement: remind these insights of some experts

deficits could lead to

What is eSingularity?

find answers one level up on the: Learning 3.0 Mind Map

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