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MBBS Web 2.0 Resources and Tools by Mind Map: MBBS Web 2.0 Resources and Tools
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MBBS Web 2.0 Resources and Tools

Blogs (MBFP)

ISE-O Student Blogs (ISE)

MRP Favorite Blogs

LOB Favorite Blogs

Wikis (ISE)

Wikipedia (Multiple Classes - as a starting point)


"Students are introduced to RSS feeds formally in Week 3 and but begin using RSS feeds in week 2 when they develop their blog. Students are encouraged to use Google Reader to aggregate feeds from all class networks including the class Ning network, Wiki, Google Docs, Instructor blog and student blogs (to name a few.)" - Charles Everett

Social Networking (ISE)

Twitter (Multiple Classes)

facebook (Multiple Classes)

MySpace (Multiple Classes)

Ning (ISE)

Online Photo Galleries (ISE)

Flickr (ISE)

Picasa (ISE)

iChat & Wimba

iChat (Multiple Classes)

Wimba (EBL)

Other (MIC)

Google Docs (Multiple Classes) (MIC)

Online Surveys (BMT)

iMovie and GarageBand (BMT)

YouTube (Multiple Classes) (PDC)

Discussion Boards on Propeller (MCP) (LOB)

Podcasts (LOB)

Other Comments

"Students are able to expand their knowledge using current information. They are asked to research topics that they are specifically interested in so that they can learn more and find the information applicable to their personal educational goals. A student volunteer shows the rest of the class how easy it is to install Open Source technology and use it to create their own wiki hosted on their own web site. This will hopefully empower students to create their own social media tools on one of the many open source platforms available (elgg, TWIKI, MediaWiki, OS Commerce)" - Koushik Chatterjee

"All of these tools are optional choices for my students to either reach me, get help with class, or expand on the curriculum that is limited by time in the classroom. For those students who really want to go above and beyond, it allows them easy and accessible ways to learn more and get more individual attention." - Jackie Otero

"EBL is an online course that runs through FullSail Online (FSO). We use the resources of the FSO platform, as well as instructor-created podcasts, videos, and a digital course manual to help facilitate our curriculum. We are also going to start utilizing Wimba for weekly class reviews and Q&A with instructors. We also utilize email, ichat, and video ichat. Screenflow is used to show how students can go about locating certain information online or by seeing an instructor draft a basic contract." - DJ Zedonek

"The students seem to become more connected to the information on a personal level, as opposed to it being provided by me. They tend to have a strong sense of accomplishment when they find the exact information they need to do their in-class (and post graduation) work without my input. I have recently had several graduates contact me to tell me that they are using these skills (especially budget related tasks) in the real world and are seemingly very proud of themselves for knowing precisely what and how to take care of the business side of being a producer." - Don Rogozinski

"Industry relevant and current information that is presented permits students to keep abreast of current standards, trends, and potential future practices." -Israel Vasquetelle

"These tools reinforce information from their text and topic discussed in class in an interactive and interesting way. I use some of these resources in class and other I ask students to visit outside of class and discuss in class or use the information in an activity. Many of the online resources I use the importance of LOB in the Entertainment and Music Business industries.' -Christin Upshaw