Goldsteins's Laughter Out of Place Chapters 6 & 7

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Goldsteins's Laughter Out of Place Chapters 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Goldsteins's Laughter Out of Place Chapters 6 & 7

1. Brazilian Class

1.1. Lower & Working Class

1.1.1. Felicidade Eterna Eliana Worked as a sex worker and used her boyfriends to get what she wanted Alzira Her life was threatened if she did not have a mans baby Marilia Abused by her step father Complaints about Men Inadequate providers They will fool around with other women even if they have a stable partner Gloria Wanted Lucas to visit a prostitute to learn about sex. She believes that men should have access to sex. Soneca Was seductive in order to get what she wanted

2. Brazilian Sexuality

2.1. Brazilians have an open, permissive approach to sexuality.

2.2. Young teens have sexual relations with older men

2.3. Women are expected to be virgins when the consummate the relationship with their male counterpart

2.4. Male infidelity is not liked within the culture, but it is considered a norm

2.5. Sexual Teasing is common in Feliciadae Eterna

3. Theories

3.1. Sonia Alvarez

3.1.1. Argues that the Women's Movement positioned itself in accordance to the politics in the public and private sphere

3.1.2. Two Distinct forms of Feminism Attempt to re-organize the country Struggle of the Lesbians against men

3.2. Parker

3.2.1. Structures of activity and passivity are used to and categorize the Brazilian sexual universe

3.3. Peter Fry

3.3.1. Male Homosexuality had two models Upper Class Model Influence came from Western Europe and North America Lower Class Model Men & "Faggots"

3.4. James Green

3.4.1. Men with homoerotic desires existed prior to the Western European ideas.