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1. Theories of Learning

1.1. Cognitive Load

1.1.1. Two types of memories: Working memory and Long-term memory

1.1.2. Teachers should be aware of limits of memories when teaching

1.1.3. Long-term memory is for storing factual and procedural knowledge

1.1.4. Working memory is for thinking and awareness when information coming in from environment

1.2. Connectivism

1.2.1. Learners can improve their own learning by plugging into an existing network

1.2.2. Knowledge rest in anywhere in the world such as a community or a network

1.2.3. Learning is a process of connecting information sources or different nodes

1.2.4. Teachers can provide information or activities to students and students can learn by connecting those provided information with knowledge

1.3. Constructivism

1.3.1. Knowledge is constructed by contacting with existing knowledge that had been developed by experiences

1.3.2. Teachers are there to help students to learn more actively

1.3.3. Learning is more self-directed and creative

2. Theories of Technology

2.1. Media Ecology

2.1.1. It is the study of media environments

2.1.2. It affects human perception, understanding, feeling, and value

2.1.3. Interaction between media humans

2.2. SCOT

2.2.1. SCOT = Social Construction of Technology

2.2.2. Human action shapes technology and it’s not that technology shapes human actions

2.2.3. Although technology is so good, it is more important how well it fits into our use


3.1. Three types of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration

3.1.1. Content (CK)

3.1.2. Pedagogy (PK)

3.1.3. Technology (TK)

3.2. Intersection of all three elements is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge = TPACK

3.3. Here is the link to TPACK video

3.4. It is a teacher’s decision which form(s) of knowledge to use in their teaching

3.5. Ideally, using all three forms would be the most efficient way for teaching and learning

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. It is a teacher’s personal philosophy about how they use technology as a teaching tool

4.2. Written statements that explain what a teacher’s values and beliefs about teaching and learning are and how the teacher can use technology in their teaching

4.3. These statements are intended to be reviewed and revised over time

4.4. Technological knowledge is one of TPACK required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching