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iPad apps - CHEMISTRY by Mind Map: iPad apps - CHEMISTRY
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iPad apps - CHEMISTRY

MOLECULES - Free - View/manipulate 3D molecular structures

PERIODIC TABLE, K12 - Free - Simple but comprehensive, interactive

PERIODIC TABLE PLUS - £0.69 - Interactive periodic table with 'pick and place' game

GENE SCREEN - Genetics interactive content

ELEMINTS: PERIODIC TABLE - Free/£2.99 - Colour coded periodic table with interactive graphs in pay version.

TEMPCONVERT - £0.69 - Simple temperature conversion

ELEMENTS QUIZ - £1.49 - Quiz, iphone layout

BUFFERS - £1.49 - Chemistry/biology calculator for buffers, pH, concentration, volume and temperature.

ONSCREEN DNA MODEL - £2.49 - 3D DNA model to play with.

BALL AND STICK - Free - 3D atomic structure. Limited.

ATOM BUILDER - Free - Atom building game

THE ELEMENTS - £9.99 - Expensive for just Information and 3D images but high quality.

CHEMISTRY FORMULA PRACTICE - Free/£1.49 - Learn formula by quizzes

NUCLEAR - Fre/£1.99 - Explore chemical elements at atomic level by building them.

LABASSISTANT - Free - Chemical compatability guide - text only.

MAHJONGCHEM - Free - Game of matching tile sets, lots of categories.

BUILDING ATOMS, IONS AND ISOTOPES HD - Free/£1.99 - Explore composition of elements by building them.

ORESOME ELEMENTS (QRC) - Free - Drag and drop periodic table game, fun.

ATOMS IN MOTION - £1.99 - Atomic simulator.

ELEMENTAL - Free - Draw chemical structures, calculate cheminformatics, good sharing options.