How is 21st Century Learning Different?

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How is 21st Century Learning Different? by Mind Map: How is 21st Century Learning Different?

1. Knowledge Targets

1.1. Target #1

1.2. Know the 21st century learning conceptual framework

1.3. Target #2

1.4. The characteristics of 21st century learners?

1.5. Target #3

1.6. Knowledge of:SAMR Model

1.6.1. More, please It looks like it just keeps on going! It appears that you can type longer stuff on here. It will put things into paragraph form.

2. Product/Performance Targets

3. Disposition Targets

3.1. Open-mindedness

3.2. Holistic thinking: Think Big

4. Reasoning Targets

4.1. target #1

4.2. Explain importance of the "shift" towards the 21st century framework

4.3. Target #2

4.4. Identify where we're at and where we are going

4.5. Target #3

4.6. Identify the knowledge & skill that are most in line with the subjects/content we teach

5. Skill Targets

5.1. Target #1

5.2. Target #2