Acids & Bases

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Acids & Bases by Mind Map: Acids & Bases

1. classified into

1.1. organic

1.1.1. Lactic acid Acetic acid Formic acid Citric acid Oxalic acid Uric acid Tartaric acid

1.2. mineral

1.2.1. Phosphoric acid Sulphuic acid Bori acid Perchloric acid Hydrochloric acid Nitric acid

2. properties

2.1. have sour taste

2.2. are corrosive

2.3. turn blue litmus paper red

2.4. dissolve in water (aqueous state) to form solutions which conduct electricity

3. Chemical Properties

3.1. Acids react with

3.1.1. reactive metals to form salt + hydrogen gas test for hydrogen gas not all metals react with acid

3.1.2. carbonates to form salt + water + carbon dioxide test for carbon dioxide

3.1.3. metal hydroxide to form salt +water

3.1.4. metal oxide to form salt + water

4. Definition

4.1. An acid is a substance which produces hydrogen ions(H+) when it is dissolved in water.

5. Definition of bases

5.1. Any metal oxide or hydroxide that reacts with an acid to produce a salt and water (neutralisation)

6. Acids + Base

6.1. forms Salt + Water:) HAHHAHA THANK YOU AMANDAA