Customer Success Services (CSS)

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Customer Success Services (CSS) by Mind Map: Customer Success Services (CSS)

1. 1) Partner Assessment

1.1. Select a Partner to Onboard

1.2. Introduce the Partner to CSS

1.3. Partner Self-Assessment

2. 2) Partner Training

2.1. Partner Enablement Workshop

2.2. Share Partner Tools & Learning Materials for Delivering CSS

2.2.1. Escalation process

2.2.2. Customer Environment Template

2.2.3. Participation Guidelines for the Premium Community

2.2.4. Trusted Tester Program

2.2.5. Feature Suggestion Process

2.2.6. Operational Calls templates

2.2.7. Service Review templates

2.2.8. Service Delivery Plan template

2.2.9. Implementation Plan template

2.3. Keep the CSS Partner Scorecard up-to-date

3. 4) Sell/Position CSS Offering to Customers

3.1. Partner Learning Materials for for Selling CSS

3.1.1. Introduction to CSS (customer & partner-facing)

3.1.2. FAQ for Partner Sales

3.1.3. CSS Offering summary (1-page datasheet)

3.1.4. CSS Battlecard

3.2. Keep the CSS Customer Pipeline up-to-date

3.3. Customer Onboarding Checklist

4. 5) Ongoing Partner Operations

4.1. Partner Engagement Model

4.2. Regular Operational Rhythm with Partners

4.3. Partner Business Planning

5. 3) Enabling a Partner's service to become "Approved by Google"

5.1. Step-by-step for getting a Parter's service "Approved by Google"

5.1.1. RCM creates deal in Simba

5.1.2. Partner receives contract amendment via MOCA ("click-to-accept")

5.1.3. Partner can sell "CSS, Approved by Google"

5.2. "Approved by Google" Marketing Materials

5.2.1. Welcome letter

5.2.2. Press release template

5.3. Important Legal Assets

5.3.1. Competency Guidelines

5.3.2. CSS TSSG