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DontStress.IT by Mind Map: DontStress.IT

1. Food and Nutrition

1.1. Flavorist

1.1.1. The finer things

1.1.2. Dating and relationships

1.1.3. Art

1.1.4. Design

2. Health and Wellness

2.1. Exercisizes you can do at your desk

2.2. Fresh, affordable lunches you can make at home

2.2.1. Bento

2.2.2. Pinterest photos tagged #lunch Choose five photos per day

2.2.3. Banana leaf

2.2.4. Lunch pail

2.2.5. Airplane food

2.3. How to get a workout buddy today

2.4. Five beverages to avoid now

2.5. Why standing desks make you healthier and more productive

2.6. Get the right gear for working out at home or in the office

2.7. How to turn your boring office park into a Parkour wonderland

2.7.1. Create YouTube video Invite fans to participate

2.8. Five delicious ways to stop skipping breakfast

2.8.1. Make your own granola

2.8.2. Bananas

2.8.3. Should i Eat Bacon? Pros + Cons

2.8.4. Make a romantic breakfast for your special someone

2.8.5. Power Breakfast: the morning combo that will keep you energized all day

3. Productivity

3.1. PRTipsforStrartups

4. Stress reduction

4.1. Stress reduction at work

4.2. Conflict management

4.3. Family stress

4.4. Financial distress

4.4.1. Student Loan Warrior