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Music by Mind Map: Music

1. Israeli singers

1.1. Eyal Golan

1.1.1. Shiri Mimon Shelomi Shabat

2. Musical films

2.1. Mama Mia

2.1.1. Kazablan The Sound of Music

3. Israeli Musical TV Shows

3.1. The Voice

3.2. A Star is Born

3.3. X Factor

4. music Styles

4.1. Rock

4.1.1. classical Rap

5. Musical Instruments

5.1. Piano

5.1.1. Guitar

5.1.2. Violin

6. Write 3 of your favorite music styles.

7. Who do you think sings the best?

8. Give 3 facts about one of your favorite contestants from these TV shows

9. Do you play a music instrument? which one? why did you choose this specific one?