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1. David Mcconell

1.1. Founder

1.2. New York U.S.A (1858 1937)

1.3. He began like a door to door sales man

2. Definition:

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. Avon is a multinational which has offices in 135 countries it's principal office is in New York. It manufactured cosmetics , perfumes , make up, body creams , face cleaning , articles for manicure and pedicure , and a lot of different accesories for the vanity of the women

3. Women employees

3.1. First woman

3.1.1. Mrs.P.F.E Widow from Winchester

3.1.2. 1887 David Mcconell has 12 women employees

3.1.3. Now Avon has mases of women working for the company arround the world

4. History

4.1. Started to offered women cosmetics in door to door in 1877

4.1.1. Hand cream

4.1.2. Perfume

4.2. California perfume company

4.2.1. Rural areas

4.2.2. Homemakers

4.3. Avon started officialy in 1886

5. Notes:

5.1. Since 2001 until now Andrea Jung is the Avon's director