EDCT 2030 Laptop Rules

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EDCT 2030 Laptop Rules by Mind Map: EDCT 2030 Laptop Rules

1. When can you use it?

1.1. During group projects

1.2. During teacher instruction

1.3. Absolutely NO use of the laptops OUTSIDE of class

2. What can you do with the laptops?

2.1. In class assignments

2.2. Group projects

2.3. NO Facebook, e-mail, or internet surfing

2.4. Anything NOT related to coursework can NOT be done in class

3. Repercussions

3.1. Loss of laptop priveleges

3.2. Caught misusing laptop? -2 points everytime caught

4. Taking care of the laptops

4.1. Don't have too many programs open at once (causes laptop to overheat

4.2. No drinks near the laptops WHATSOEVER

4.3. Only download programs and files when told to do so, or ask first

5. After Class

5.1. Return laptops to shelf

5.2. Make sure laptop is completely shut down before putting it away