Browser Wars

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Browser Wars by Mind Map: Browser Wars

1. Google Chrome

1.1. Pro

1.1.1. is a freeware web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine.

1.1.2. Instant means your Web page is ready to read before you finish typing the address.

1.2. Con

1.2.1. no synchronicity

1.2.2. no add ons

1.3. URLS:



2. Internet Explore

2.1. Pro

2.1.1. compliant with HTML5

2.1.2. windows 7 is faster than the older versions

2.2. Con

2.2.1. The browser has also received scrutiny throughout its development for use of third-party technology

2.2.2. From an IT perspective, the changes made to Windows 8 could end up costing businesses a lot of money. To take advantage of many of the new features offered, new hardware will need to be purchased to support the higher graphics demand and touch-sensitive aspects of the OS.

2.3. URLS:




3. Mozilla Firefox

3.1. Pro

3.1.1. is a free and open source web browser developed for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux (including Android)

3.1.2. offers graphics hardware acceleration, good HTML5 support, and the unique Panorama system for organizing lots of tabs

3.2. Con

3.2.1. Most users connect windows with the start menu. Instead of start menu in this version we have start screen. Here the icons in the start menu are arranged in the screen in tile display, with the exception of control panel and search box.

3.2.2. Even with an up-to-date computer, some users may find that it becomes hard to run the browser when several other programs are open

3.3. URLS:



4. Opera 12.10

4.1. Pro

4.1.1. The browser handles common Internet-related tasks such as displaying web sites, sending and receiving e-mail messages, managing contacts, chatting on IRC, downloading files via BitTorrent, and reading web feeds.

4.1.2. Opera is offered free of charge for personal computers and mobile phones.

4.2. Con

4.2.1. not opensource developement

4.2.2. does no have as many plugins as other bands

4.3. URLS:



5. Apple Safari 5

5.1. Pro

5.1.1. Free to apple users

5.1.2. Uses memory efficiently

5.2. URLS:



5.3. Cons

5.3.1. No longer supports its windows operating system

5.3.2. Does not auto update

6. Define

6.1. Browser

6.1.1. Also called Web browser. Digital Technology . a software program that allows the user to find and read encoded documents in a form suitable for display, especially such a program for use on the World Wide Web.

6.1.2. URL

6.2. Browser Exstenion

6.2.1. A browser extension is a computer program that extends the functionality of a web browser in some way. Depending on the browser and the version, the term may be distinct from similar terms such as plug-in or add-on.


6.3. HTML 5

6.3.1. HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard (created in 1990 and standardized as HTML 4 as of 1997)[2] and, as of December 2012, is a W3C Candidate Recommendation.


7. Marketshare

7.1. URl