Hosts Call August 2009: Challenges as a Host

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Hosts Call August 2009: Challenges as a Host by Mind Map: Hosts Call August 2009: Challenges as a Host

1. Participants

1.1. Frauke (Berlín)

1.2. Eleanor (KX)

1.3. Maria (World)

1.4. Frederike (Ams)

1.5. Laura (AMS)

1.6. Caroline (Brussels)

1.7. Sole (Madrid)

1.8. Lieke (Rotterdam)

2. Check-in: Member stories (to inspire us and inform other hubs about what our members do in the network)

2.1. Berlin: Member joined the Hub 2,5 months ago and told the members in an OpenSpace that was called due to the financial crisis of Hub Berlin about his baby just being born at the Hub Berlin. This baby was the reason why he started programming 25 years ago. And Hub Team members and other members helped him in the last 2,5 to give birth ;)

2.2. Madrid: Empieza Consultora ( is a fresh consulting company focusing on human resources and employment for inmigrants and Workea ( is a website to offer and find jobs with a focus on inmigrants as well. Empieza Consultora comes form a social background and Workea a more business one and both teams have started to collaborate and work together. Next step is to find out what they do together.

2.3. Amsterdam: Summer School (

2.4. Rotterdam: Summer School and Hub Shop (, both member initiatives

3. Low afluence of people to calls

3.1. How to make it compulsory?

3.2. what is the tangible value for the local Hub that we can communicate to take part in these calls?

3.3. Barriers in Berlin to participate: language, not getting anything out of the calls personally

3.4. Possibility to split calls into groups: regionally or diversity of different Hub develompments

4. Main topic: what challenges are we facing now as hosts?

4.1. Presenting your Hubs position

4.1.1. Brussels: 2 hosts, and intern leaving, focusing on attraction and space design. Challenge to create the right culture and time. Fear of a group of 20 members to "biase" the culture...

4.1.2. Kings Cross: Building our community better, hosting the people and the culture, not only running the space smoothly

4.1.3. Amsterdam: We have 7 hosts in the space today, need more clarity in who is responsible for what, go down to 2 or 3 hosts and an intern. More solid and focused team. Other team members working as interpreneurs on Hub ventures (Talent, Youth, Events...)

4.1.4. Rotterdam would need someone to be there 40 hours but cannot afford a full-time person

4.1.5. Madrid: One host full-time now, effort to afford it. Working online with two hosts now, how to attract and give value to more talent? Spent a lot of energy finding information in the network and trying to build from that. Not having the space still makes it complicated to host a "scattered" community.

4.1.6. Berlin: Clarity of the Hub concept, interaction with self organization... how can members become hosts. Culture.

4.2. Discussing and finding solutions

4.2.1. HR / Talent attraction and retention

4.2.2. Understanding and spreading the culture Brussels: Will have an AoH workshop in October for team and members as a starting point Rotterdam: culture in small details like telling members what we expect (bring your own ingredient of a lunch ) during the day keep them posted on what's going on on soical innovation and the hubnodeduring the day keep them posted on what's going on on soical innovation and the hub and off course consensus with your hosting team about what is important Berlin self-hub interaction, continuos and long process. How you get all the members getting together more, collaborating more, etc. defining the culture and the soul is the hosting team nodedefining the culture and the soul is the hosting team Kings Cross: find identity, then work out how far you can 'bend' your negotiables towards the members needs What are 10 events/programmes that help to build the culture? how do you engage/get people excited in being part of the Hub (members and hosts)

4.2.3. Financial stability

5. Check-out

5.1. Homework for Stockholm

5.1.1. 1. What’s new at your Hub? What are innovations you can share?

5.1.2. 2. What are key learnings you can share?

5.1.3. 3. What are the 3 key challenges you are facing?

5.2. Celebration: Madrid has 23 members even before having the space! We will start our programming twice a month now...

5.3. Tugba is leaving Hub kings cross and is interested in any opportunuity within the system!