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Training Evaluation (Noe, 2008 - Chapter 6) by Mind Map: Training Evaluation
(Noe, 2008 - Chapter 6)
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Training Evaluation (Noe, 2008 - Chapter 6)

Reasons (pp.197-199)

Formative evalutions (p.198)

Summative evaluations (p.199)

Pilot testing (p.198)

7 reasons (p.199)

Evaluation Process (pp.199-200)

Figure 6.1 (p.200) Conduct Develop outcomes Develop measures Choose Strategy Plan & Execute

Outcomes (pp.200-205)

Kirkpatricks 4 level framework (p.200)

Cognitive (p.201)

Skill-Based (p.201)

Affective (p.203)

Results (p.204)

ROI (p.205)

Evaluation Practices (pp.207-209)

Positive transfer

No transfer

Negative Transfer

Evaluation Designs (pp.209-218)

Threats (p.210-212) Internal External Methods to control

Types (pp.212-216) Posttest Only Pretest/Posttest Pretest/Posttest + Comparison Group Time Series Soloman Four-Group

Choosing a Design (pp.216-218)

Determining ROI (pp.218-224)

Costs (p.219)

Benefits (pp.219-220)

Example Cost-Benefit Analysis (pp.221-223)

Practical considerations (pp.223-224)

Measuring Human Capital & Training Activity (pp.224-226)

Determining if outcomes are good (pp.206-207)

Relevance (p.206)

Reliability (p.207)

Discrimination (p.207)

Discrimination (p.207)

Practicality (p.207)

Introduction (pp.196-197)