Online Learning at Olive Grove Home Study Charter School

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Online Learning at Olive Grove Home Study Charter School by Mind Map: Online Learning at Olive Grove Home Study Charter School

1. Courses

1.1. A+ Anywhere, purchased online courses

1.2. SCOUT (formerly UCCP), free UC developed online courses

1.3. Teacher created courses, managed on Moodle; some of these courses utilize discussion boards

1.4. All online courses accessible 24/7

1.5. Teachers working to develop courses with scheduled virtual classroom time

2. What needs to improve?

2.1. The teaching staff of this school is geographically widespread across Santa Barbara County. More peer sharing done via computer would be a big plus. Google+ and Google Hangouts would be very helpful here, making it possible for colleagues to chat about programs and student progress without traveling first to a centralized meeting place. Also easily available and cost-free.

2.2. In this Home School setting, students only minimally interact with other students. Creating a course back-channel could serve to introduce more students to each other, and motivate them to interact over the course materials.

2.3. In this Home School setting, parents rarely interact at all with other parents. Facebook or Twitter connections between the parents and the school could serve to introduce parents to each other, as well as create some sense of community where none currently exists.

2.4. An online notification system of some kind that updates parents on school news and events is sorely needed. This type of tool could also encourage parents to become more comfortable with online connections.

2.5. Personal teacher connections with online teaching communities would broaden their professional circle and enhance individual teaching practice.

3. How do students connect?

3.1. Reliable home internet connection needed.

3.2. Computers for student use also available at learning center sites.

3.3. Texting -- teachers available throughout the school day.

3.4. Hyperlinks in Moodle courses connect students to deeper levels of course materials.

3.5. SBCEO Portal, containing a vast array of learning resources available 24/7.

4. How do parents connect?

4.1. Google Docs --student weekly assignment sheet available 24/7

4.2. Weekly one-to-one, face-to-face appointment with teacher

4.3. Telephone -- teachers and school office available during business hours

4.4. Email -- accessible, but not instantaneous connection

5. How do teachers connect?

5.1. Monthly face-to-face professional development meetings with whole staff, PLC groups

5.2. Weekly face-to-face site staff meetings

5.3. As needed, Skype or GoToMyMeeting connections are made with teachers at other locations to work on common issues or to peer train

5.4. Search online resources for materials to add to student Moodle classes via hyperlinks

5.5. Communicate with other teachers re particular students via Google Docs student weekly assignment sheet