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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Media Ecology

1.1. technology has a significant influenceon society today

1.2. technology affects our views of how we view the world today. through technology we do our faily work.

1.3. communication process afects human perception and undertsnading

2. Connectivism

2.1. capacity to know more is more critical than what is currently known

2.2. maintaining and nurturing connections is needed to faciliate continual learning

2.3. learning and knowledge rests in diversity opinions.

2.4. up to date knowledge is the intent of learning activities.

2.5. Ability to see connections between feilds, ideas and concepts are considered a skill.

2.6. Implication

2.6.1. distributed with networks, social, technology enhanced,recognizing and interpretting patterns.

2.6.2. online learning: students can access material at any time.

2.6.3. influences interaction between instructors and students

2.6.4. providing deep and meaningful and contextual learning with constant support.

3. Constructivism

3.1. learning is an active process in which the learner uses sensory inpput and constructs meaning out of it

3.2. people learn to learn as they learn: learning consists both of constucting meaning and constructing systems.

3.3. crucial action of constucting meaning is mental: it happens in the mind. providing activites which engage the mind.

3.4. learning is a social activity; our learning is intimately associated with our connections with other people. (teachers, peers, family)

3.5. implications

3.5.1. learning has to be an active process

3.5.2. knowledge will be shared between students and teachers.

4. cognitive theory

4.1. People are active in learning

4.2. learning and development on learners experiences

4.3. learners construct understanding

4.4. prior knowledge influences knowledge to constuction

4.5. learning requires a social environment, practice and feedback.

4.6. sensory memory, working memory, long term memory are key factors

4.7. implicaitons

4.7.1. how students learn and build on their knowledge of the world and academica slowly over time.

4.7.2. verload of information inspires leanring

5. Technology Theories

6. Learning theories


7.1. determining the failure or success of a technology is based socially

7.2. the human mind shapes technology and through that we make assumptions

7.3. socially the human mind can analyze and dtermine why technology useage was a succes or not.


8.1. identifies the knowledge teachers need to teach effectively with technology

8.2. considers three primary knowledges

8.2.1. Content, pedagogy, technology

8.2.2. these three knowledges intersect best together so teachers are able to know the technology that will convey content.

9. Philosphy of technology

9.1. studying the nature of social of technology and its social effects

9.2. teachers values and how they can integrate technology into their lectures/teachings

9.3. use of technology in the classroom and well as professional development through the useage of technology

9.4. As a teacher your PLN can be included to the philopsy of technology.