Social Media in Education

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Social Media in Education by Mind Map: Social Media in Education

1. Our students are digital learners

1.1. Digital Natives

1.1.1. Never lived without a computer Send an average of 50 text messages a day 53% of them have a smart phone Kindergartens are learning on iPads Not chalkboards They spend 31 hours a week on the internet up to 5 hours a week on YouTube Visit outer space via Google Earth They were born into a digital world and want to create and share information

1.2. Teens

1.2.1. Cellphones Spend more time listening to or watching media than talking on them

1.2.2. 10% participate in class

1.3. Students

1.3.1. 2% of students admit to consulting a book to answer a question or write a report

1.3.2. 100% say they visit Wikipedia

2. Rethink teaching

2.1. Student SAT scores tell us it might be time rethink the way we teach

2.2. A United States Department of Education study revealed that Online learners outperformed those who received face-to-face instruction

2.3. To a more effective classroom

2.4. Think different

2.5. Tell me...I will forget

2.5.1. Show me...I may remember Involve me...I will understand Teach different

3. Social Media available

3.1. Facebook

3.1.1. In 2008, Barack Obama used to FB get elected

3.1.2. In 2010, the people of Egypt used FB to start a Revolution

3.1.3. Tops Google for weekly traffic in the US

3.1.4. If FB were a country it'd be the world's 3rd largest

3.2. Google+

3.3. Myspace

3.4. Skype

3.5. Social bookmarking sites

3.5.1. citeulike


3.5.3. diigo

3.6. Twitter

3.6.1. Lady Gaga has more followers than populations of Sweden and Israel combined

3.7. Wikipedia

3.7.1. Wiki is a Hawaiian term = quick

3.7.2. Over 15 million articles

3.7.3. Studies show that Wikipedia is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica

3.7.4. Many teachers don't allow students to use it

3.8. YouTube

3.8.1. 2nd largest search engine in the world

3.8.2. There are over 2 million school projects on YouTube

4. Fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

5. There is no choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it