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1. Strategies/ Game play

1.1. The overall strategy and gameplay is very simplistic, find your way across the map without getting hit by the glitches. Theres always a catch though, some enemies can actually help you, such as one I call the Eater, he eats everything including other glitches. Or you can find teleporters that will help you to get to the next level. Bonuses (which you have to find) are also helpful in getting pass each level.

2. Mission

2.1. The mission and overall story is to find your place in life and find a way to stop these random glitches that continue to destroy the world you are on.

3. Levels

3.1. Multiple levels, all with there own obsticals, some levels might be easy and have a few enemies, while other levels might have hords of enemies. There are not just a whole bunch of enemies to watch out for but also obsticals such as glitch walls, which can destroy you on contact.

4. Rules

4.1. RULE 1- Do not come into contact with hostlie glitches. RULE 2- Reach the main objective on each level, before the glitches can get you. RULE 3- If you are destroyed you will have to restart the entire level you where on.