William the Conqueror

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William the Conqueror by Mind Map: William the Conqueror

1. ChildHood

1.1. Born in Falaise

1.2. Father is Robert the First

1.3. His father died at the age of 8.

2. Impact on Medieval Europe

2.1. He defied the feudal system.

2.2. He was the leader of the Normans in the battle of hastings

2.3. He was the Duke Of Normandy at the age of 8

2.4. Doomsday Book

3. Significant People

3.1. Robert the first-(father)

3.2. Herleva-(mother)

3.3. The Church

3.4. Matilda Flanders

4. Significant Events

4.1. Battle Of Hastings

4.2. He created the feudal system in England

4.3. Invaded England

5. What impact did Willam death have on Medieval Histroy

5.1. The immediat reactio to Williams death was a war between his sons Robert and William for power over England and Normady. This war that the sons fought weakend the failies controll in france.

5.2. Williams death affected England by the perminent changes in the church, feudal system and some cultures and languages